Jakarta (ANTARA) - North Jakarta's Sulianti Saroso Central Infectious Hospital (RSPI) has discharged 90 COVID-19 patients since it received two infected patients that the Indonesian Government officially announced as its first two cases of new coronavirus disease on March 2.

As of Sunday, the hospital authority revealed that it had received 140 COVID-19 patients where 90 of them had been allowed to get home after having fully recovered from the disease while 25 others passed away, and 25 more remain hospitalized.

Four of the 25 dead patients were those under surveillance status while 21 others were confirmed to have tested positive for the virus which initially struck the Chinese city of Wuhan and then spread to the rest of the world, including Indonesia.

According the RSPI Sulianti Saroso authority, as revealed in its statement that ANTARA received here on Sunday, 46 of the 90 patients who were discharged remained under the PDP or patients under monitoring status while 44 others had tested positive for the virus.

Over these past 24 hours, there was no patient who died of the virus.

As of Saturday, Indonesia has reported 6,248 confirmed cases, with 631 patients fully recovering from COVID-19. Meanwhile, the death toll from the deadly virus has so far reached 535.

Spokespersons for the Indonesian Government's Task Force for the Accelerated Handling of COVID-19, Achmad Yurianto, had earlier said that COVID-19 infections have continued to spread.

"So, please let us all participate in efforts to curtail the virus' spread by heeding to the government's calls for staying at home, practicing social distancing, and wearing face masks," he urged.

According to Yurianto, the task force has, so far, examined 45,378 clinical specimens for coronavirus at 35 laboratories, while the total number of examined cases has been recorded at 39,422.

Currently, in the 34 provinces, there are 176,344 people under monitoring and 12,979 patients under surveillance, he said, adding that all patients under surveillance must be closely monitored.

Jakarta remains Indonesia's COVID-19 epicenter, with the highest number of confirmed cases. As of Saturday, the capital city has recorded 2,924 confirmed cases, with 205 recoveries and 253 deaths.

With COVID-19 infections spreading to all 34 provinces in the country, President Joko Widodo has declared the coronavirus outbreak a national disaster.

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