Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Government and the House of Representatives have agreed to delay deliberations on labour issues covered by the omnibus law on job creation.

The agreement follows the government’s request to the House to delay discussions, President Joko Widodo stated on Friday from the Merdeka Palace.

"Yesterday, the government had conveyed (its request to delay discussions on labour issues) to the House of Representatives (DPR), and I have heard that the Speaker of the DPR has told the public that the (deliberation on the) labour cluster in the job creation bill has been postponed, in line with the wishes of the government," he said in a teleconference.

The President said that the delay will allow the government and the House to deliberate more deeply on the substance of relevant clauses in the bill.

"This also provide an opportunity for us to further explore the substance of the relevant articles and also to get input from stakeholders," he pointed out.

The omnibus law on job creation, proposed recently by the government, has become a center of discussion among the community and has even been rejected by sections of the public.

Some parties, ranging from trade unions to students, for instance, have expressed their reservations against the bill.

A number of parties feel the bill leans too much towards investors and marginalizes the interests of the community. The articles in the job creation bill, which consists of 79 laws and 11 clusters, have been labelled as problematic by some sections. (INE)

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Translator: Hanni Sofia/Aria Cindyara
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