Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Director of the State Logistic Agency (Bulog) Budi Waseso has made assurance of the agency having plentiful stocks of sugar in June on the back of incoming local production and sugar imported from India.

Waseso or popularly known as Buwas, noted that Bulog will have 75 thousand tons of sugar stocks in June, comprising 25 thousand tons of domestic sugar and 50 thousand tons of imported sugar from India.

"Our production will stand at some 25 thousand tons by next month. The production is still underway. Hence, people should not harbor concerns," he noted after monitoring market operations at the Jatinegara Market in East Jakarta on Friday.

In addition to local production, Buwas stated that the agency had imported from India 50 thousand tons of sugar, of which 21,800 tons had arrived in the country, while the remaining was expected to arrive next week.

Buwas pointed to a spike in the price of sugar in the past few months, as sugarcane plantations had yet to enter the harvesting season.

On the other hand, since Bulog did not have sugar stocks, it could not intervene in the market to stabilize the commodity's price. However, imports were hindered by the imposition of lockdown in India to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The Trade Ministry has diverted 250 thousand tons of refined sugar stocks for food and beverage for processing into white sugar for public consumption.

According to data of the Information Center for National Strategic Food Price (PIHPS), the price of sugar as of Friday had averaged 17,400 per kilogram (kg), as compared to its reference price of Rp12,500 per kg at the consumer level.

Bulog has launched simultaneous market operations throughout Indonesia to sell white sugar at Rp11,000 per kg to retailers, so that it could lower the price to below Rp12,500 per kg at the consumer level.

"We are optimistic that the price of sugar can return to its ceiling price. We will notify traders to sell (sugar) at Rp12,500 or less. We will file reports with the Food Task Force against traders that break the rule," he emphasized.

In its market operations at the Jatinegara Market, Bulog had distributed 200 kg of sugar to retailer shops. Related news: Bulog to supply 22,000 tons of sugar from India
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