Jakarta (ANTARA) - Three videos showing a burial at sea of an Indonesian crew member aboard a Chinese fishing boat went viral, following a similar incident recently.

The Indonesian Foreign Ministry tried to find out further information about the latest incident, according to an official.

The first video uploaded by Suwarno Cano Swe on his Facebook account, showed three crew members carried another crew member who could not stand up. They communicated in a Javanese dialect.

The second video showed three people speaking Chinese language wrapped a crew member's body. And in the third video, the body was thrown into sea .

"The identities of the dead crew member and the three others are not clear. The provisional information said the crew members were from Indonesia and the location of the watershed was in Somali waters," Judha Nugraha, Director of the Protection of Indonesian Citizens and Legal Aid of the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry, said on Saturday.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had contacted the social media account that first uploaded the video, but no detailed information had yet been obtained.

"The Indonesian Embassy in Beijing and the Indonesian Embassy in Nairobi are also looking for information on this incident from the local authorities," Judha said.

The three videos were accompanied by information that Indonesian crew member of the Luqing Yuan Yu 623 ship was buried in Somali Sea.

There were also texts reading that the crew members had been enslaved beaten, kicked and electrocuted while working aboard the Chinese fishing boat.

The surviving Indonesian crew members wanted to go home but were not allowed. Instead, they were transferred to Lu Huang Yuan Yu 115 vessel.

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