COVID-19 to propel shift in tourism to be quality-based: Bappenas

COVID-19 to propel shift in tourism to be quality-based: Bappenas

Archive - Several long-tailed monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) enjoying the food provided at the Monkey Forest Ubud in Gianyar, Bali. The location is one of the tourism attractions in Bali. ANTARA FOTO/Fikri Yusuf/wsj/ac.

In future, there will no longer be mass tourism, but it would veer more towards quality tourism
Jakarta (ANTARA) - National Development Planning Minister/ National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) Head Suharso Monoarfa believes that COVID-19 would drive a change in the tourism sector in future to be quality-based, as it applies the new normal protocols.

"In future, there will no longer be mass tourism, but it would veer more towards quality tourism," he stated during a virtual dialog event themed "The Bounce Back of Bali", accessed from Jakarta, Tuesday.

Monoarfa believed that tourism in future will focus more on quality, thereby translating to the presence of several tourist groups with higher spending as compared to other tourists coming in larger groups but spending less.

The Bappenas head affirmed that this trajectory of tourism is owing to the implementation of the new normal protocols, including wearing masks, sanitizing hands, maintaining safe distance, and avoiding crowds, at several destinations.

Furthermore, the minister adjudged it safe to conduct tourism activities as long as they are supported by health protocols.

"We wanted to ensure that Indonesian people can go ahead and travel, but do not become lax in terms of implementing health protocols and also avoid being overly fearful, though remain alert," he emphasized.

Monoarfa also offered crucial pieces of advice to those keen on travelling, including the need to adhere to regulations at destinations, carrying along hand sanitizers, using masks, and readying spare masks.

The minister also suggested travelers to carry wet wipes and tissues, bring along their own cutleries and water bottles that are non-plastic, and consume warm water for relief to the throat.

"Do not forget to take vitamins C, D, and E as well as exercise and take a shower before and after returning from your travel," he stated during the dialog event held in Bali.

Several tourism destinations in the country, including in the Island of Bali, have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently, the local government has opened its gates to domestic tourists from July 31 and will start welcoming back foreign tourists on September 11, with the need to conduct several health protocols.

Monoarfa had earlier stated that Bali is Indonesia's most popular tourism destination, accounting for some US$10 billion of the country's foreign exchange, from the total $18 billion made by the tourism sector.
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