Adherence to health protocols crucial in thwarting COVID-19 spread

Adherence to health protocols crucial in thwarting COVID-19 spread

Vice President Ma'ruf Amin. Antara/Secretariat of President

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Vice President, Ma'ruf Amin drew attention to the importance of public compliance to health protocols to suppress the transmission of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

"The dire need of the hour is the public’s obedience to comply with health protocols in accordance with government regulations, the Indonesian Ulema Council's edict, and the directions of the clerics," he noted while delivering a keynote address during a web seminar on "The Role of MUI edict in the Covid Pandemic Period -19 and the legal impact" on Wednesday.

Disciplined implementation of health protocols is part of the efforts that all parties should prioritize during the pandemic until the COVID-19 vaccine is discovered, he emphasized.

Amin pointed to the important role of clerics to invite and remind the public to comply with health protocols while conducting day-to-day activities.

"I hope that we all continue to maintain health protocols by using masks, washing our hands, and maintaining a safe distance," he noted.

The vice president called on all parties, including the Family Welfare Empowerment (PKK) group, to become involved in the dissemination of information and health protocol campaign in the community to reach all families.

"I am inviting all elements, including the mothers of the Family Welfare Empowerment (PKK) group, to more actively campaign for the New Habit Adaptation (AKB), right from the smallest level, which is the family," he affirmed.

President Joko Widodo is promoting the national program of health discipline movement for increasing the public’s adherence to wearing masks, washing hands with soap under running water, and maintaining a safe required distance between one another.

The national movement was conducted since several people were yet ignoring the health protocols and the number of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia had continued to increase.

To campaign for the health protocol disciplinary movement, Jokowi appealed to all elements of the community, ranging from the military, police, social organizations, volunteers, religious leaders, and community leaders to academics to take the initiative.
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