The 17 actions the suspect has shown during the crime scene reconstruction are relevant to the dossier that the police investigators have prepared
Bandarlampung, Lampung (ANTARA) - Alpin Andrian, who attacked Indonesian preacher Sheikh Ali Jaber at the Falahudin Mosque in Bandar Lampung city on September 13, 2020, was taken to the site of the attack to reconstruct the sequence of events.

Andrian, 24, re-enacted 17 of his actions at his home and the Falahudin Mosque on Tamin Street of the Suka Jawa neighborhood in Tanjung Karang Barat sub-district, Bandar Lampung city, Lampung province, as requested in his police dossier, Lampung police spokesperson, Sen.Coms. Zahwani Pandra Arsyad, told journalists here on Thursday.

“The 17 actions the suspect has shown during the crime scene reconstruction are relevant to the dossier that the police investigators have prepared,” Arsyad said.

The crime scene reconstruction was witnessed by police investigators and representatives from the Bandar Lampung city prosecutors' office, he informed.

Sheikh Ali Jaber was attacked while attending an Islamic mass gathering at the Falahudin Mosque on September 13. He reportedly sustained a four-centimeter-deep wound on his right arm after Andrian attacked him with a knife while he was conversing onstage with two participants at the event.

According to a video of the incident circulated on YouTube channel, Andrian, who reportedly resides near the mosque, was caught by several participants of the event shortly after attacking Ali Jaber.

Responding to the attack, the Indonesian Council of Ulemas (MUI) seconded Security Minister Mahfud MD's calls for police to uncover the networks and motives behind it.

"The knife attack (on Sheikh Ali Jaber) is totally unacceptable to the MUI," the council's secretary general, Anwar Abbas, stated.

Abbas was vociferous in condemning the attacker, who launched his assault during an Islamic mass gathering to support the one million Quran memorizers (hafiz) program at the Falahudin Mosque, and called him an enemy of peace.

Hence, a thorough investigation into such a criminal act is deemed crucial since undermining it would disrupt tranquility in communities, he said.

"In this country, as the well-respected figures in the eyes of Muslim communities, the lives of ulemas are in danger. This reality has obviously reflected a sense of hostility against ulemas, and this hostile act is really dangerous," he cautioned.

“Such hostility has the potential to fuel suspicion among community members, and if the Sheikh Ali Jaber assault case is not comprehensively handled and a sense of justice is missing, it would snowball into a wild issue,” Abbas emphasized.

Therefore, the MUI has appealed to the government and law enforcement agencies to investigate the assault case, he remarked.

Born in Medina, Saudi Arabia, on February 3, 1976, Sheikh Ali Jaber, whose full name is Ali Saleh Mohammed Ali Jaber, is widely known as a Muslim preacher and ulema.

He holds an Indonesian citizenship and is popular among Indonesian Muslims as a judge of Quran memorization contests on the country's TV stations. (INE)

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