Only 16.3% regions holding Pilkada in COVID-19 red zone: survey

Only 16.3% regions holding Pilkada in COVID-19 red zone: survey

Illustration - Survey (Ist)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - A survey by the Lingkaran Survei Indonesia (LSI) Denny JA has shown that only 16.3 percent or 44 regions that are scheduled to hold simultaneous elections (Pilkada) this year fall in the COVID-19 red zone.

This makes postponing the polls unnecessary, it stated.

"Lest the case in 16.3 percent red zone areas postpone (the regional elections) in 83.7 percent others," Ikrama Masloman, a researcher with LSI Denny JA, said at an online press conference here on Thursday.

The General Elections Commission (KPU) could implement more stringent health protocols in the 44 red zone regions, he suggested.

"For instance, regional head candidates in the 44 regions can be banned from conducting gatherings of more than five people," Ikrama said.

Meanwhile, in other regions which are not deemed red zones, mass gatherings should be limited to less than 50 persons with the observance of health protocols.

The COVID-19 pandemic, he noted, should not prevent people from exercising their democratic rights.

“If (the regional election) is postponed, their right to participate will be obstructed. This will cause disappointment,” he remarked.

According to Ikrama, the KPU must take stern action against candidates who violate the health protocols.

"There are many types of campaigns that can be held without mobilizing the masses," he added.

The simultaneous elections will be held in 270 regions, and include nine gubernatorial elections, 224 district head elections, and 37 mayoral elections.

The registration process of candidates for the polls was held on September 4-6 this year. (INE)

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