The second group of suspects and evidence seized by the task force of the National Police's Bareskrim were handed to the Sukabumi public prosecutor's office on Monday.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian Police's Criminal Investigation Department’s (Bareskrim’s) Red-and-White special task force handed the second group of 13 drug trafficking suspects of the so-called Iran ring, arrested in West Java's Sukabumi, to the local public prosecutor's office.

The 13 suspects comprise three Iranians and 10 Indonesians from whom the task force seized 402 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine, Bareskrim's director of general crimes Brigadier General Ferdy Sambo noted in a written statement released here on Monday.

"The second group of suspects and evidence seized by the task force of National Police's Bareskrim were handed over to the Sukabumi public prosecutor's office on Monday," he stated.

The case came to the light when the task force conducted a search of a house in the Vila Taman Angrek housing complex in Sukabumi District in early June of 2020 and arrested six suspects of an international drug trafficking ring.

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Bareskrim Chief Commissioner General Listyo S. Prabowo stated at a press conference in Sukabumi on June 4, 2020, that the task force found 402.38 kilograms of crystal meth during the search.

"The crystal meth was shipped from the Middle East, with the transaction being made in the international waters. The crystal meth was later brought to land via Sukabumi District's southern coast," he stated.

The drug syndicate hired a fishing boat to transport the contraband to land. The meth was later transported to the house in Sukaraja Village, Sukabumi.

"The international drug trafficking case was solved owing to the investigation conducted by the Red-and White special task force that had earlier managed to expose the drug trafficking ring by seizing 800 kilograms of crystal meth," he revealed.

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