Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Central Bureau for Statistics recorded Indonesia's trade balance in September 2020 to have posted a US$2.44 billion surplus, with $14.01 billion in exports and $11.57 in imports, resulting in the fifth surplus this year.

"The surplus recorded in September 2020 is bigger than that posted in August and September last year when a deficit of $183.3 million was recorded," Head of the Central Bureau for Statistics Suhariyanto noted during a virtual press conference held from Jakarta, Thursday.

Suhariyanto explained that Indonesia booked trade surpluses with several countries in the ninth month of the year, including $1.08 billion with the US, $562.5 million with India, and $491.2 million with the Philippines.

However, the trade balance with several other countries posted deficits during the same period, including with China, at $879 million; $140 million with Ukraine; and $119 million with Brazil.

Thus, Indonesia’s trade balance from January to September 2020 registered a surplus of $13.51 billion, significantly larger as compared to the corresponding period last year when a deficit was logged. "During the month of September, we also witnessed a surplus of $2.4 billion. I can conclude that exports have begun increasing, while industry exports have also revived, in addition to the imports of core materials and capital goods. Let us work together to ensure that the Indonesian economy continues to improve," he emphasized.

Indonesian trade balance in May recorded a surplus of $2.09 billion, while $1.27 billion surplus in June, $3.26 billion surplus in July, and $2.33 billion surplus in August.

Meanwhile, the surplus registered in September 2020 was the most significant in the last five months.
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