Telkomsel infuses Rp2.1 trillion funding into Gojek

Telkomsel infuses Rp2.1 trillion funding into Gojek

Gojek and Telkomsel, the two largest technology and communications companies in the country, are collaborating to strengthen Indonesia's position as a country with the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia. (HO / Telkomsel)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Telecommunication company Telkomsel invested US$150 million, or around Rp2.1 trillion, in the Gojek technology company.

"The collaboration between Telkomsel and Gojek originated from the common vision of both parties to reinforce the position of local players as hosts in their own countries," President Director of Telkomsel, Setyanto Hantoro, noted in a statement, Tuesday.

"The spirit of collaboration will continue to serve as our foundation in presenting the benefits of digital technology in all sectors of life for all levels of Indonesian society," he remarked.

In this collaboration, Gojek and Telkomsel will jointly strengthen their digital services; encourage innovation and new products; and enhance convenience for users and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

This collaboration is an extension of the Gojek and Telkomsel alliance, under which affordable data packages have been offered to Gojek driver partners since 2018.

This collaboration will also open up a plethora of other collaboration opportunities that capitalize on the combined scale of both companies to reach millions of Indonesians across the archipelago.

The synergy, through technology and ecosystems of the two companies, is also expected to expedite digital transformation in Indonesia.

"We believe that collaboration with Gojek and its extensive ecosystem will also accelerate the transformation of Telkomsel as a digital telcom company and strengthen the company's consistency in building an inclusive and sustainable digital ecosystem, although we are still facing challenging situations amid the pandemic," Hantoro explained.

Users of Gojek and Telkomsel can look forward to several initiatives that will offer further benefits and convenience, including novel products developed jointly, as well as innovative programs that can offer cost savings, such as joint promotions and product bundling.

The two companies will additionally collaborate in the field of digital lifestyle and develop digital advertising technology solutions that can be tapped by businesses of varying scales.

Furthermore, Gojek and Telkomsel collaborate in the field of talent empowerment through the exchange of experiences and professional skill development programs in a bid to improve the quality of technological human resources in Indonesia.

"We are very proud to be able to expand our strategic collaboration with Telkomsel as the biggest player in the telecommunications industry. This collaboration will reach hundreds of millions of Indonesians, including consumers, driver partners, and MSME partners, so that they can take part in enjoying the benefits of the digital economy," Andre Soelistyo, the co-CEO of Gojek Group, remarked.

Soelistyo noted that digital economy in Indonesia is driven by the development of mobile devices in a mobile-first market, so that if leading players in the technology and telecommunications industry were to collaborate to capitalize on existing resources, Indonesia's digital economy would be accelerated to a higher stage to achieve leapfrog progress.

"The investment made by Telkomsel demonstrates deep trust in the Gojek platform business model, the broad reach of our ecosystem, and the positive impact on Indonesian society and economy. This also puts us in a stronger financial position to drive future growth," Soelistyo expounded.

Furthermore, President Director of Telkom Indonesia, Ririek Adriansyah, welcomed and supported the cross-sectoral collaboration between Gojek and Telkomsel.

"We believe this collaboration with Gojek will provide great potential added value if it were to be implemented with Telkomsel, especially to increase Telkomsel's competitive advantage in developing the digital service business in line with the transformation roadmap being carried out by TelkomGroup to become the leading digital telecommunications company in Indonesia," Adriansyah remarked.

"This collaboration is also in line with the vision and mission of TelkomGroup to orchestrate the strategy of strengthening synergy between the two companies that will have a positive impact and strengthen TelkomGroup's business portfolio in accelerating the digital economy in Indonesia," Ririek explained.

This corporate action is also part of Telkomsel's journey in implementing the three digital pillars specifically as a provider of digital connectivity, digital services, and digital platforms, which are currently the foundation for the company to offer an array of customer-centric digital products and services that cater to the requirements of Indonesian people.

Telkomsel believes this collaboration with Gojek will also complement its transformation strategy in developing digital service businesses in addition to bolstering the capacity and quality of human resources, especially digital talent. Related news: Telkomsel's investment plan to Gojek is very strategic: expert
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