I will (visit there) to ensure the condition of US soldiers
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian Army Chief of Staff General Andika Perkasa has discussed military cooperation including the development of Platoon Exchange program with several US military representatives for Indonesia,

The cooperation covered the supply of military equipment and the exchange of soldiers for joint exercise, he said in a written statement released on Saturday.

With the Platoon Exchange program, the Indonesian Army sent a company of 43 soldiers to take a joint exercise with the 25th Infantry Division in Hawaii, the US.

In return, the US Army sent soldiers to take exercise in the Indonesian Army's training ground at the Para Riders 502 infantry battalion in Malang, East Java.

General Andika Perkasa is set to visit the training ground along with Major General Braga of the US Army soon.

"I will (visit there) to ensure the condition of US soldiers," he said. .

Meanwhile, during the meeting with General Andika Perkasa, US military representatives for Indonesia Commander Angela Edwards highlighted the development of the Platoon Exchange program for the Indonesian Army soldiers.

"We would like to give good news about the Platoon Exchange. This morning I and Colonel McCullough attended the dispatch of Indonesian Army soldiers," Edwards said.

He said the Indonesian Army solders will receive the best training in Hawaii and the US soldiers had arrived in Indonesia for military training.

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