Uno is apt choice for recovery of tourism industry: Asita

Uno is apt choice for recovery of tourism industry: Asita

New Tourism and Creative Economic Minister Sandiaga Uno

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Association of Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies (Asita) praised Sandiaga Uno’s appointment as tourism and creative economy minister by President Joko Widodo, adjudging it the right choice for restoring the national tourism sector.

"We think this is the right choice, firstly since Mr Sandiaga Uno is an MSME figure, successful entrepreneur, and visionary figure," deputy chairman of the Central Executive Board (DPP) of Asita Budijanto Ardiansjah stated here on Wednesday.

Moreover, Uno is highly concerned about the tourism sector, Ardiansjah remarked.

Hence, Asita has welcomed President Widodo’s choice of Uno serving as the new minister in charge of tourism and creative economy.

"Especially in terms of MSMEs, I notice that several aspects of the tourism sector are directly related to MSME actors. Sandiaga Uno is expected to help revive this," he remarked.

Asita is optimistic that the new minister would be able to put in place pertinent strategies, so that during the post-pandemic era, the national tourism sector would rise again faster, according to Ardiansjah.

He believed that Uno is capable of streamlining several aspects in the tourism sector and closely cooperating with Asita.

Asita also expressed optimism that Uno would not only be able to usher in recovery of the tourism sector but will also boost the welfare of those engaged in the tourism sector.

"I always see two things. The first one is the success in bringing as many tourists as possible to Indonesia to earn more foreign exchange, and the second one is that tourism actors must also be elevated. Thus, these two aspects must run simultaneously," he affirmed. Related news: Foreign tourist visits decline 88.25 percent y-o-y in October: BPS
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