Our consolidated subsidiary, ASUKA Foods jointly hosted "WAGYU & MAGURO FESTIVAL 2021" in Thailand

Our consolidated subsidiary, ASUKA Foods jointly hosted "WAGYU & MAGURO FESTIVAL 2021" in Thailand

Ms. Sujita Phengou, Vice president and COO of Central Group and Mr. Tatsuya Konoshita, Managing Director and CEO. ANTARA/Business Wire

-- Tasting event was held at “Food Hall of Central Department” in Bangkok

Tokyo--(Antara/Business Wire)- Our consolidated subsidiary, ASUKA Foods group and Central Group jointly hosted "WAGYU & MAGURO FESTIVAL 2021" which is supported by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery of Japan (MAFF) and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO). Central Group is the biggest retailer in Thailand with operation in 13 countries in Europe and Asia. On 24 February 2021, the festival started with a press conference(*1) at Central Food Hall in Bangkok and continued to 2 March 2021. During the festival period, the events that visitors would enjoy premium beef Shabu-Shabu (Hot pot) and tuna Sushi and Sashimi from Iwate prefecture were held at two venues in Bangkok.

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In future from now to 2022, ASUKA Foods and Central Group will jointly host the events introducing Japanese foods and products throughout Thailand. In the events, we give opportunities to enjoy Japanese foods and products to many Thai who cannot directly visit Japan due to Corona related confusion.

*1 On 24 February, the first day of the event, a press conference took place together with Ms. Sujita Phengou, Vice president and COO of Central Group and Mr. Tatsuya Konoshita, Managing Director and CEO in front of 15 media and instagrammers.

We have a group company in China “Qing Dao Zhao Ming Trading Co., Ltd.” with a successful record of manufacturing Japanese sweets in China and distributing them not only in China but also in Indonesia and Vietnam by chilled transport. We deliver Japanese safety foods and products to Thailand leveraging the know-hows from the successful record. We hope many people in Thailand would enjoy authentic tastes of Japan.

• The event is conducted for export promotion of Japanese foods through retail, restaurant and trading supported by MAFF and JETRO for 2020.

Overview of Tasting event
Period: From 24 February 2021 to 2 March

About Central Group

Central Group is a biggest retail conglomerate company with 60 giant commercial facilities in Thailand. Since its establishment in 1947, it has expanded its business in total 13 countries in the world including Japan and Vietnam in Asia, Italy and Germany in Europe. It has nearly 4,000 facilities including shopping malls, departments, Hotels and restaurants.

• Central Group official website

We deliver with considerable feelings of loves from Japan

Some may wonder “why ASUKA Foods is involved in Thailand” or “Why dealing with fresh foods, not Japanese sweets”. The answer is the considerable feelings of love from Mr. Tatsuya Konoshita, Managing Director and CEO of Showa Holdings Co., Ltd.

Mr. Konoshita has been engaged various businesses for long time base in Thailand. He has many deep relationships in Southeast Asian countries. When his friends visit Japan, he takes them to eat genuine Japanese beef and Sushi as they request and everyone is fully satisfied every time.

Due to Corona related confusion, most of them cannot visit Japan. So Mr. Konoshita wants them to enjoy genuine Japanese foods even in Thailand. That’s the reason we started the business of export, promotion and marketing of various Japanese foods and products.

Another reason is that Japanese beef is quite expensive and not distributed much in Thai market. We want to promote Japanese beef intensively in Thailand.

This time, we are glad to tie-up and work with Central Group, a biggest retail conglomerate company in Thailand. Leveraging the co-work experience of this event, we will start spread of sales in Central Group commercial network. We keep our policy in Japan in mind that “customers can enjoy high quality foods at reasonable price every day”. We will achieve our mission of “To deliver Happiness with small bites" through not only Japanese sweets but also Japanese foods and products in Southeast Asian countries.

About ASUKA Foods

"To deliver 'Happiness with small bites' all around the world everyday"
This is our mission.
We have manufactured and delivered Japanese sweets such as Warabi-mochi, Sakura-mochi and Anko-mochi to many supermarkets in Japan for over last 40 years. Our products are available at all seasonable events. We also focus on keeping up reasonable price so that customers can enjoy our products every day. We work enthusiastically on quality management, manufacture and product development so that customers can enjoy our products every day. We believe that an accumulation of our daily works for safe and tasty products brings the voices from customers that "they would like to have it again".

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