No "mudik" ban imposed by Transportation Ministry during Eid 2021

No "mudik" ban imposed by Transportation Ministry during Eid 2021

Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi. ANTARA/HO-Kemenhub

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi confirmed that the government will not ban the homecoming exodus, locally known as "mudik," during Idul Fitr 2021.

"The government, through the Transportation Ministry, has not prohibited the homecoming exodus during Lebaran this year," Minister Sumadi stated at a working meeting with Commission V of the House of Representatives (DPR) here on Tuesday.

Sumadi spoke of the ministry’s intent to coordinate and work along with the COVID-19 Task Force by intensifying efforts and tracing people, who were going home.

Furthermore, the ministry has issued seven policies pertaining to transportation for Lebaran comprising endeavors to continue to rigorously disseminate information on health protocols and implement them from the point of departure, during the trip, and when the travelers arrived at their destination.

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The ministry will also guarantee the availability of means of land, sea, and air transportation. Subsequently, they will also ensure the feasibility of transportation facilities and infrastructure and correspondingly improve order and boost security at several points of transportation services.

Moreover, the government will coordinate intensively with stakeholders, including the traffic coordinator (Korlantas), police, public infrastructure (PU), Jasa Marga, local governments, and also transportation service operators by establishing joint posts.

The government will also conduct traffic engineering to ensure smooth and orderly flow of transportation during Lebaran in addition to striving to monitor and evaluate the implementation of Eid transportation, starting from preparation to post-implementation.

"The Transportation Ministry, as the national coordinator of Eid transportation, expects the homecoming activities to run smoothly. We also invite Commission V to jointly monitor the preparations and the homecoming process," the minister stated. Related news: Government to punish civil servants violating 'mudik' ban