Indeed, it is best not to heat it. I suggest making the spices for two portions — (one) for breaking the fast and (another to be eaten) at dawn
Jakarta (ANTARA) - A clinical nutrition specialist from the University of Indonesia has advised people who are fasting not to reheat their iftar food so it can be eaten at dawn again.

Instead of reheating food, people are advised to prepare spices for two portions at once, while preparing ingredients for the meal, Dr. Putri Sakti said.

"Indeed, it is best not to heat it. I suggest making the spices for two portions — (one) for breaking the fast and (another to be eaten) at dawn. For example, to make soup, the basic spices should be made for two portions, then the broth should be made in a large pot. At dawn, one just has to add the vegetables so that the nutrition in the vegetables is not damaged," Sakti said at a ‘Doctors Respond’ webinar entitled ‘Diet and Exercise in the Fasting Month’, originating from here on Wednesday afternoon.

For the sahur menu, she recommended soup dishes with a variety of vegetables or other ingredients, such as chicken, meat, or red beans. Eaten this way, they can serve as a good source of vitamins, animal proteins, and vegetables in one dish, she explained.

"I choose soup foods because we need to add fluids to (support activities) throughout the day. In addition, soup foods are easy to make. Then, with a variety of vegetables, one can also include chicken, or the next day with meat, and red beans. So, there will be animal protein, vegetable protein, and vegetables in one dish," she added.

If one wants to serve balado fish, one can also add tofu and tempeh to the dish, she said. At dawn, the menu can have vegetables as side dishes, she added. This method can help minimize cooking time, she elaborated.

"Vegetables should not be heated again, especially green vegetables. If the nitrates change, they can become carcinogenic. (The amount of) Vitamins (in the dish) will also get reduced a lot. Vegetables do not take long to cook, just five minutes and not too long. So, vegetables should not be heated (again). But other side dishes, such as chicken or meat can be reheated," Sakti explained. (INE)

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