I will go to Timika (in Mimika District) to voice a demand for justice to the international communities
Beoga, Papua (ANTARA) - Elminus Mom, father of the slain junior high school student in Beoga Sub-district, Puncak District, Papua Province, was vociferous in castigating the armed criminals, labelling them as terrorists, over the fatal assault on his son.

He demanded that those behind the killing of his son, Ali Mom, be brought to book since the armed Papuan criminals operating in Beoga Sub-district that killed his son had, in fact, committed a crime against humanity.

"I am so disappointed and condemn the killing. My son has become the victim of the armed criminals' fatal shooting and machete attack," Elminus noted in a statement that ANTARA quoted here, Thursday.

He also challenged the armed Papuan criminals in Beoga to face him to prove their groundless claims of his son being a spy and had ever walked with security personnel.

"Give me credible items of evidence, such as photos, a video footage, or written reports, which support the claim. Hand them out to us," he affirmed.

However, none of the notorious armed criminals in Beoga came to Elminus’ home, though he waited for them for two days to appear after his son's death.

Elminus lost his son, Ali, after this student of the Ilaga public senior high school in Beoga Sub-district was shot and attacked with machetes on April 15.

The teenager consequently died in the deadly attack. In response to his son's killing, he asserted that he would continue his fight for justice.

"I will go to Timika (in Mimika District) to voice a demand for justice to the international communities," Elminus remarked, adding that the armed criminals were human rights violators.

He called them terrorists owing to their inhuman actions against innocent civilians in Papua.

"For what and whom they struggle? Is it for freedom or for making innocent civilians fall victim?" he questioned.

Papua Province has borne witness to a string of violent attacks by armed groups that have targeted civilians and security personnel in the past two years.

On April 8, 2021, several armed Papuan rebels reportedly opened fire at a kiosk in Julukoma Village, Beoga Sub-district, Puncak District, at about 9:30 a.m. local time.

The shooting resulted in the death of a Beoga public elementary school teacher, Oktovianus Rayo.

After killing Rayo, the armed attackers torched three classrooms at the Beoga public senior high school.

On April 9, 2021, armed rebels reportedly shot another teacher, Yonatan Randen, on the chest.

Several villagers tried to save the junior high school teacher and rushed him to the Beoga public health center, but he succumbed to his injuries.

On April 11, 2021, armed criminals reportedly set ablaze nine classrooms at the Beoga public junior high school.

Papua Police Chief Insp. Gen. Mathius Fakhiri has vowed to trace those responsible for the deaths of the two teachers.

"The TNI (Indonesian military) and police personnel will never retreat even a single step in enforcing the law against the killers," Fakhiri asserted in Timika during his recent visit to the capital of Mimika District.

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