We will continue to join the search and rescue operation and exert all my strength to bring home our brothers, the crew of KRI Nanggala-402, to be reunited with their families.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - National Defense Forces (TNI) Chief Hadi Tjahjanto joined his ranks aboard warship KRI Suharso to search for submarine I KRI Nanggala-402, untraceable since Wednesday in the waters north of Bali Island, a spokesman stated.

"Mr. military chief will go there this afternoon to monitor and follow the search process," Chief of the TNI Information Center Major General Achmad Raid stated during a press conference at the Base Ops of the Ngurah Raid Airbase in Badung, Bali, on Friday.

Raid remarked that Naval Chief of Staff Admiral Yudo Margono will also partake in the search operation aboard warship KRI Suharso.

On Thursday, the TNI chief aboard KRI Suharso led the search for the submarine.

In the video recording broadcast by the TNI Information Center, Tjahjanto pledged to continue to join the search for KRI Nanggala-402 that had gone missing along with 53 crew members.

"We will continue to join the search and rescue operation and exert all my strength to bring home our brothers, the crew of KRI Nanggala-402, to be reunited with their families," he stated.

"Let us always pray for the safety and immediate rescue of our families, the soldiers of KRI Nanggala-402," he remarked.

The search for KRI Nanggala-402 in the waters north of Bali Island was conducted a few hours after the submarine reportedly lost contact at around 3 a.m. local time on Wednesday.

The TNI has, so far, deployed 21 warships, most of which are equipped with sonar detectors to join the search operation. In addition, two police ships and a remote operation vehicle of the National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) also joined the search operation.

The TNI has also received an offer from Singapore and Malaysia to help in the search for the missing navy submarine.

"There are offers from some countries, such as Singapore, with its Swift Rescue vessel, and also some rescue ships to find submarines in trouble under water," Riad stated on Thursday.

Singapore's rescue vessel will arrive on April 24, while Malaysia's submarine rescue ship Mega Bhakti will arrive on April 26.

Some other countries, including the United States, Germany, France, Turkey, India, Russia, and Australia, have also extended help to find the submarine.

The National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) and the National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT) will also join the search and rescue operation.

"They will conduct search in a joint team with the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) and Basarnas using Basarnas' ship," he remarked.

The German-built KRI Nanggala 402 was scheduled to conduct live torpedo exercises when it sought permission to dive. It began to dive at 3:45 a.m. local time, and the last contact was established at 4:25 a.m. local time when the commander of the exercise was ready to give authorization to launch the torpedo.

Some 53 crew members were aboard the vessel believed to be in waters about 700 meters deep.

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