Now, we really need to focus on vaccination rate
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian House of Representatives has allocated 30 thousand COVID-19 vaccine to the Surabaya government to help it reach the vaccination target in Surabaya, East Java Province and other regions in the province as well.

"I hope the (provision of) vaccines today will accelerate the vaccination target and (help) achieve herd immunity in Surabaya and East Java," House Speaker Puan Maharani said in Jakarta on Thursday.

She made the statement after observing COVID-19 vaccinations at Gelora 10 November Stadium in Tambaksari, Surabaya on Thursday.

Maharani hoped that the vaccination target could be reached as soon as possible with the incoming Independence Day on August 17, 2021.

The government, the parliament, the national military and police, and all element of the public should work hand-in-hand to reach the target of vaccination, she said.

"Now, we really need to focus on vaccination rate. Vaccination is a must, as one of the efforts to handle COVID-19 pandemic," she added.

During the visit, Maharani witnessed the management of queues, data verification processes, administration of injections, and measures for managing adverse events following immunization (KIPI). Such reviews are being undertaken to ensure that vaccinations remain accessible to the public and are administered in accordance with the health protocols, she explained.

Maharani was accompanied by East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa and Surabaya City Mayor Eri Cahyadi during the visit.

The 20-day COVID-19 vaccination drive at Gelora 10 November Stadium, Tambaksari, Surabaya kicked off on July 6, 2021, targeting 50 thousand people per day.

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