Public should take cognizance of extended PPKM: House speaker

Public should take cognizance of extended PPKM: House speaker

House Speaker Puan Maharani. (ANTARA/HO-DPR RI/MY)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - House Speaker Puan Maharani urged one and all to take the government's decision to prolong the enforcement of community activities restrictions (PPKM) seriously.

"The next five days is a crucial period that will determine whether Indonesia can surmount over the second wave of COVID-19," Maharani stated in Jakarta on Wednesday.

The House speaker affirmed that a serious response was elicited from everyone, right from the regional government to apparatuses and the public impacted by the prolonged PPKM policy.

Hence, Maharani suggested that the enforcement of PPKM in the subsequent five days should be stricter.

"Akin to a school exam, the next five days is an important testing period wherein we have to face strict (and) disciplined learning to get a good result afterwards and not by slacking (instead)," Maharani noted.

Maharani emphasized that the authorities should continue to conduct strict on-field monitoring despite PPKM being eased on July 26, 2021, in event of the COVID-19 spread being suppressed. In the same breath, Maharani reminded the public to not cease applying health protocols.

"If it is what is going to happen, then it will be so terrifying, and the PPKM enforced all along would hold no meaning," she stated.

Maharani urged the government to work together and face the next five days by showing real data of COVID-19 spread and conducting more tests and tracing.

Maharani echoed President Jokowi’s statement that the easing of PPKM would hinge largely on a decline in the spread of the virus.

"We do not want any false data to mislead the easing policy into something more fatal for the condition," Maharani cautioned.

The House speaker also urged the government to liquidate government aid at the earliest in order to help the public.

If the public receives the requisite aid, their tendency to venture outdoors would decrease, according to Maharani.
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