Sinergi Sehat vaccination center opens; to vaccinate 2,000 per day

Sinergi Sehat vaccination center opens; to vaccinate 2,000 per day

A screenshot of ILUNI UI chairman Andre Rahadian at the inauguration of the Sinergi Sehat vaccination center in Jakarta on Monday (July 26, 2021). (ANTARA/Indriani)/rst)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The University of Indonesia's  Alumni Association (Iluni UI) on Monday inaugurated the Sinergi Sehat (Healthy Synergy) vaccination center here, which will target to vaccinate two thousand people per day.

Iluni UI said it has collaborated with the Association of Indonesian Vertical Hospital (ARVI), BAKTI Kominfo, and Media Group to open the center.

"Iluni has taken part in COVID-19 handling since February last year. We have worked with the government and community for discussion, COVID handling, and vaccinations," Iluni UI chairman Andre Rahadian said at a teleconference on the Sinergi Sehat vaccination center's inauguration on Monday.

The vaccination center will operate out of The Media Hotel and Towers, Mangga Dua Jakarta Pusat, for 40 days from July 22 - September 15, 2021, he informed.

The center is targeting to vaccinate 40 thousand people during the period, he said. Later on, the implementation of mass vaccinations is expected to spread more in all regions in Indonesia, not only Java and Bali, he added.

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"We aim to vaccinate two thousand people each day for 40 days. I hope this vaccination center will expedite mass vaccinations in Indonesia," Rahadian remarked.

All elements, including the government, scholars, media, business institutions, and public must work hand in hand to lower COVID-19 transmission in the country, Rahadian said.

Meanwhile, head of Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM), Dr. Lies Dina Liastuti SpJP (K), informed that citizens will only need to bring their identity cards (KTP) to get vaccinated at the center.

"We have coordinated with the Ministry of Health to expedite the vaccination progress. The most important thing is that the vaccine recipients must have identification numbers (NIK) on their KTPs," Liastuti explained.

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The vaccination service will be conducted by trained medical personnel drawn from 10 vertical hospitals, she said. Each hospital has sent out a team of doctors and nurses, she added.

"Iluni UI has organized the program and vertical hospitals have provided the health workers. With this collaboration, the existing health services in each hospital will not be disrupted and the Sinergi Sehat vaccination center will run properly," the doctor added.

Director general of health services at the Ministry of Health, Professor Abdul Kadir, said the vaccination center will help accelerate COVID-19 vaccinations in Indonesia.

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