Impacts of climate change, COVID-19 projected to be same: Indrawati

Impacts of climate change, COVID-19 projected to be same: Indrawati

A screenshot of Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani Indrawati, at the ESG Capital Market Summit, held online here on Tuesday (July 27 2021). (ANTARA/AstridFaidlatulHabibah/FR)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic are projected to have the same impacts and put the same amount of pressures on countries, Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said during an online discussion here on Tuesday.

According to the minister, the climate change will have the same impact as COVID-19 since there are no nations that will be left untouched by the two phenomena.

However, she stressed that poor nations would bear the brunt of the impacts of climate change, much like the way COVID-19 has affected nations with the least developed healthcare systems and fiscal capabilities the most.

Tackling climate change will require commitment from several parties, just like how COVID-19 cannot be handled by a single actor alone, Indrawati said.

"We cannot rely on a single actor whether that's the government, a corporation, or a sector. The whole ecosystem of the world has to change," she elaborated.

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Nations across the world are rushing to keep global warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius in order to prevent a catastrophe that will affect all living creatures, Indrawati pointed out.

She also listed several contributions made by Indonesia towards addressing climate change, including its participation in the G20, which will discuss the issue of climate change and form a climate change task force starting 2022.

Climate change is a global threat that has been studied by scientists, she noted, It refers to the phenomenon wherein the development of nations across the world is accompanied with a rise in global temperatures, she explained.

This can happen because development pushes people's mobility and increases energy usage, which puts pressure on the world's resources and causes CO2 emissions, she added. 

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