Policewomen help bury deceased COVID-19 patients in Palangka Raya

Policewomen help bury deceased COVID-19 patients in Palangka Raya

Four policewomen sent to assist with the COVID-19 burial process in Palangka Raya City. (ANTARA/Humas Polda Kalteng/MY)

Palangka Raya (ANTARA) - Four policewomen from the rapid response unit (Samapta) at the  Central Kalimantan Provincial Police are helping bury the bodies of COVID-19 patients, who succumbed to the disease at Dr Doris Sylvanus Regional Hospital, Palangka Raya City.

Chief  of the Provincial Police  Inspector General Dedi Prasetyo said, as voiced by Samapta Director Senior Commissioner Dwi Tunggal Jaladri, that his side felt the need to offer assistance for the burial of COVID-19 patients on account of the high death count due to the virus.

"We have trained four policewomen in the (COVID-19) burial process. They are ready to be dispatched to the location whenever the need arises. We have assigned some 10 policemen and four policewomen to help with the burial process," Jaladri stated.

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Personnel of the Central Kalimantan Provincial Police are always on standby to assist the government and healthcare workers in the burial process. The measure is taken in order to address the paucity of human resources at Palangka Raya’s hospitals in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The main aspect is that we are always ready to help the government in handling COVID-19," he stressed.

His side has been trained to assist healthcare workers tasked with burying COVID-19 bodies.

"We pray that these days, no more people die from COVID-19, and the pandemic ends as soon as possible," he stated.

He urged the residents to not step out of their homes during these times when virus transmission was rampant.

Should they really have to get out of their homes, they should consistently follow health protocols, such as washing their hands as often as possible, maintaining social distancing, avoiding crowds, and most importantly, wearing a mask at all times.

"The key to ending this pandemic and stemming (its spread) is by adhering to health protocols. Never violate it, especially when (you are) out of home," Jaladri stated.

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