Jakarta (ANTARA) - The second Independence Day commemoration amid the pandemic must serve as a momentum for all citizens to work together to fight against the crisis, Coordinator of Human Solidarity National Forum (FSK), Sudirman Said, has said.

"May the commemoration of independence give inspiration to the public to gather together and work to free ourselves from the invisible colonizer called COVID-19," he remarked in a written statement on the nation's 76th Independence Day (August 17, 2021), issued on Tuesday.

This year's commemoration of Independence Day was different because the public remained concerned about the pandemic, which limited the displays of enthusiasm that are normally witnessed on the festive day, he said.

There is still much uncertainty about the end of the COVID-19 pandemic among the people, he observed and suggested a triad of measures for COVID-19 handling, based on methods adopted by other countries.

"The first is massive public education and literacy. Second, the vaccination program's acceleration. Third, adapting strict health protocols as our new normal," he expounded.

He said that the pandemic has brought a valuable lesson about humanity and the solidarity of the nation.

Collaboration between the government, companies, organizations, communities, and other stakeholders has become very important, given the pandemic can only be controlled if everyone works together, Said remarked.

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The pandemic has also taught another important lesson, as it has demanded adaptation and change in all areas, he said. Things like working styles, how to do business, how to get along and interact in the future are expected to rely heavily on technology, he added.

"These difficult times are a good chance to make major adjustments. Technological mastery will be an important factor. Adaptability is also needed. Next year, we have to stay prepared (if) things still haven't changed, but should COVID-19 be over, it will be an added value," he said.

The community activity restrictions in Java and Bali regions were effective in suppressing the outbreak rate, Said observed. He said he hopes that the policy will continue to be consistently implemented outside Java and Bali regions to anticipate potential infection spikes.

"Simultaneous community activities restrictions in Java and Bali regions, which were enforced for a long period have proven to be effective in reducing the number of cases. Therefore, we expect that the same policy will be consistently applied outside Java and Bali, especially in densely populated areas," he said.

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