If there is no commercial value, our sustainability is disrupted
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto highlighted the need to implement three efforts to ensure research and innovation-based economic recovery in the future.

At the virtual 43rd Anniversary of the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) held on Monday, Hartarto said, "I hope the growth of research towards a sustainable green economy will reduce pollution."

Research on the green economy through activities based on green fuel achieved a success story, which is the B30 policy.

Through B30, the price of palm oil reached its highest price or super cycle, which will be reflected in an ongoing increase in the value of exports.

"Exports during the COVID-19 pandemic can still reach around US$20 billion, even better for farmers in terms of trade. During this period, the price of oil palm tree fruits can reach Rp1,800 to Rp2,000 per kilogram, whereas in 2019, this was only Rp1,000," he explained.

The policy also empowers Indonesia in the energy sector, making it the largest biodiesel producing country in the world. Therefore, Indonesia is now preparing B100, a new innovation policy in the field of biodiesel, he added.

The second research and innovation-based economic recovery effort aims to bolster the commercialization of research and innovation outcomes through cooperating with the business world, such as industry, MSMEs and research institutions

"If there is no commercial value, our sustainability is disrupted. Within 43 years, BPPT has proven a lot. The agency knows the ones that succeeded, the one that have not succeeded, the ones that can be commercialized and the ones that cannot, so the platform can be seen," Hartarto further added.

The third effort is to improve IT capabilities in terms of the development of research and innovation through the utilization of online and offline data, so digital integration can occur.

"Big data and data centers are important. There is a data center in the Nongsa Digital Park, Batam, and several multinational companies have prepared their data centers in West Java. This certainly is expected to motivate the development of digital-based technology," he said in conclusion.

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