Police's 14 checkpoints in Puncak tourist area support odd-even policy

Police's 14 checkpoints in Puncak tourist area support odd-even policy

Group photo of West Java Regional Police Deputy Chief Brigadier General Eddy Sumitro (third from left) with five police chiefs of the Greater Bogor agglomeration area. (ANTARA/Riza Harahap).

Bogor, West Java (ANTARA) - West Java's Bogor, Sukabumi, and Cianjur regional police forces established 14 checkpoints in the Puncak tourist area to support the odd-even plate traffic control policy applicable for private vehicles from Friday to Sunday this week.

"Police officers will be assisted by the Transportation Office and military officers at every checkpoint," Bogor Municipal Police Chief Senior Commissioner Susatyo Purnomo Condro stated here Friday.

Senior Commissioner Condro noted that the 14 checkpoints are scattered along the Puncak Road, with the cities of Bogor and Sukabumi each managing two checkpoints, Bogor District handling eight posts, and the districts of Cianjur and Sukabumi each holding one location.

Traffic control is enforced in several phases based on the vehicle density, with each checkpoint in charge of handling its assigned road sections, Condro expounded. Emergency vehicles are exempt from the odd-even traffic rule, he added.

If vehicle density reaches 50 percent of the total road capacity, then the checkpoint will set an odd-even plate restriction for passing vehicles, and the checkpoint will apply a one-way road if Puncak Road becomes increasingly congested, Condro stated.

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"If Puncak Road becomes highly congested, the road will be entirely closed, with no incoming vehicles allowed to pass," he remarked.

Earlier, West Java Regional Police Deputy Chief Brigadier General Eddy Sumitro noted that the odd-even traffic control policy in the Puncak tourist area is a joint operation between five police forces within the Greater Bogor agglomeration.

Brigadier General Sumitro has commanded the five police forces' chiefs to collaborate for optimal and effective implementation of the odd-even plate traffic policy.

"Implementation of the odd-even plate policy is our effort to reduce the COVID-19 infection rate and improve the activities restriction enforcement (PPKM) level in West Java Province. At present, the province is on level 3 of the PPKM, and we hope the level continues to improve to reach level 2 soon," Sumitro remarked.

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