Sidoarjo police organize COVID-19 vaccinations during Friday prayers

Sidoarjo police organize COVID-19 vaccinations during Friday prayers

COVID-19 vaccinations were organized for the Friday prayer congregation at the Sidoarjo Great Masjid. (ANTARA PHOTOS/Indra/my)

Sidoarjo (ANTARA) - The Sidoarjo Police Force, East Java organized COVID-19 vaccinations at the Sidoarjo Grand Mosque for congregants attending Friday prayers as part of an effort to build herd immunity.

Sidoarjo police chief Senior Commissioner Kusumo Wahyu Bintoro said 500 vaccine doses were arranged for the congregation.

"The Friday prayer congregation received an injection of the COVID-19 vaccine at the Sidoarjo Police Mobile Vaccination Outlet Bus in front of the Sidoarjo Grand Mosque," he informed.

He said that the targeted recipients of the vaccination program were Sidoarjo residents, especially those attending Friday prayers at the mosque.

"Starting before Friday prayers until after Friday prayers, we provided 500 doses of COVID-19 vaccination for the congregation of the Grand Mosque and local residents, so that herd immunity is immediately achieved," Bintoro added.

The acceleration of vaccinations in places of worship is part of efforts made by the police force, the national defense force, and the government to prevent the spread of COVID-19, he said.

The Sidoarjo police chief monitored simultaneous vaccinations at the Baitul Muttaqin Islamic Boarding School, Saworatap, Gedangan, and Sidoarjo, prior to visiting the mosque. Around 300 vaccine doses were prepared for students of the Islamic boarding school, he informed.

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"Vaccination in Islamic boarding schools has the same purpose as in schools. As an effort to accelerate the formation of herd immunity for students aged 12-17 years, so that when they conduct face-to-face learning they are comfortable, (everything runs) smoothly, and everyone is safe, away from COVID-19," Bintoro remarked.

Takmir of Sidoarjo Grand Mosque Great Masjid Mohammad, Arifin, welcomed the vaccination program in houses of worship.

"We still apply the health protocol rules. Coupled with the more intensive vaccinations for congregations in places of worship, it makes the worship so orderly," he said.

So far Sidoarjo police have administered 1,070 thousand doses to Sidoarjo residents, comprising both first and second doses, officials said.

They said the police force will continuously expedite vaccinations, including in schools, Islamic boarding schools, and places of worship so that 70 percent of Sidoarjo residents are vaccinated as soon as possible.

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