Jakarta (ANTARA) - Commuter line operator PT KAI Commuter Indonesia has issued a policy that allows 12-year-old children to ride Commuter Line (KRL) trains along with the requirement to show vaccine certificates for prospective passengers, effective since Saturday.

"Children aged 12 years are allowed to ride KRL. Those who have not been vaccinated are allowed for health and education purposes by bringing a letter of statement. Meanwhile, kids below five years of age are still not allowed to board the train," VP Corporate Secretary KAI Commuter Anne Purba noted on Saturday.

All KRL passengers are required to show a vaccine certificate for at least the first dose or by scanning the QR code on the PeduliLindungi application while boarding the KRL train.

In line with this, the application of the Worker Registration Certificate (STRP) from the agency or company or other documents are no longer valid.

Passengers arriving at the station are expected to carry along their vaccine certificate with an identity card for the officers to check. The vaccine certificate shown can be in print, digital, or through a scan of a QR code with the PeduliLindungi application.

To avoid potential overcrowding, Purba has suggested to travel during non-peak hours. Passengers can also open the KRL Access application to view density information at stations and the latest position of the train.

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"To prevent overcrowding, we will continue to limit the capacity of stations and KRL trains. Officers will also take requisite steps based on the condition at the station or if the KRL is already full," she expounded.

Purba emphasized that strict health protocols will be applied at the station. Prospective passengers are mandated to undergo a body temperature check while entering the station. Passengers are also required to wear double masks, wash their hands before and after boarding the KRL, and maintain a safe distance.

Since the dissemination of information on mandatory vaccination, the volume of KRL passengers has remained stable, according to Purba. An average of 295,778 KRL passengers per day were recorded on Sept 8-9.

This figure is an increase of about two percent as compared to 289,146 users per day recorded on Sept 6-7 before the period to raise awareness for the mandatory implementation of vaccination.

"The number of trips had been very high before the pandemic, with 1.1 million passengers being transported through 88 trains. Currently, we have operated 93-94 trains, although the passenger volume has fallen by 80 percent," she noted.

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