Lebak, Banten (ANTARA) - Members of indigenous Baduy community who live in the remote parts of Lebak District, Banten Province, enthusiastically participated in a vaccination drive that the 1999 Endra Dharmalaksana Police Academy Battalion organized at Cibologer Terminal, Lebak on Monday.

"We are glad to be vaccinated and hope that we will always be healthy," Arji, 35, a Baduy, said at the vaccination drive.

The Baduy people have responded to the vaccination effort positively as they hope the vaccine will protect them from COVID-19, he added. Complete vaccination coverage would also ensure economic recovery, particularly for the Baduy community, that is known for its traditional ethnic tourism, he said.

"We believe economic recovery may follow the successful control of the COVID-19 disease," Arji remarked.

Meanwhile, another Baduy, Arman, 45, expressed relief after receiving a COVID-19 jab, saying he will now be able to travel freely by showing his vaccination certificate, which is required for visiting public places and undertaking travel.

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He urged the Baduy people to get vaccinated to protect themselves from the disease and to hasten economic recovery, as tourists have begun to travel again after the relaxation of travel restrictions.

"We are glad the vaccination drive hosted by the 1999 Endra Dharmalaksana Police Academy Battalion facilitated us to receive the vaccine," Arman said.

Concurring with Arman, a Baduy elder and Kanekes village head Jaro Sajira also confirmed his community's support for the vaccination drives, saying high vaccination coverage among the Baduy people means their village can reopen for tourists.

"Baduy people are supportive of the vaccination effort as we want to free our country from the pandemic and restore our economy by reopening our tourism village," Sajira remarked.

Meanwhile, Banten Police public relations department head, Police Adjunct Senior Commissioner Shinto Silitonga, informed the vaccination drives hosted by the 1999 Endra Dharmalaksana Police Academy Battalion are targeting tourism areas in Banten.

"The vaccination drives are part of our effort to recover tourism activities in Banten," Silitonga said.

Besides the Baduy tourism area, vaccination drives have also been organized at Sawarna, Malingping, and Citorek tourism areas, he added.

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Translator: Mansyur Suryana, Nabil Ihsan
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