Papua PON: People cheer Torch Relay in Biak Numfor

Papua PON: People cheer Torch Relay in Biak Numfor

Head of Biak Numfor district Herry Ario Naap accepts the XX Papua PON flame on September 27, 2021. (ANTARA/HO-Head of Public Relations Department of Biak Numfor District Fiktor P/uyu)

Hopefully, this torch flame will burn our spirit to continue to excel.
Biak, Papua (ANTARA) - The XX Papua National Sports Week (PON) Torch Relay in Biak Numfor district was welcomed enthusiastically by local residents and the government on Monday.

"Let us give our support for the XX Papua PON, which will take place on October 2-15, 2021,” head of the Biak Numfor district, Herry Ario Naap, urged while leading the flame reception ceremony in the courtyard of his office.

In the courtyard, the flame was lit on a torch that resembled tifa – the Papuan traditional drum.

“In addition, we will also give support to Papuan athletes to get achievements and maintain the honor of Papua province, which we love, and be proud of together," the district head said. Earlier, the flame was paraded in Sorong district, West Papua province.

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From there, it was delivered directly to the Biak Numfor district by the general secretary of the XX Papua PON Organizing Committee (PB PON), Elly Loupatty.

Upon the flame's arrival at Frans Kaisiepo Airport, Biak Numfor district, legendary Papuan weightlifting athlete Lisa Rumbewas lifted it and brought it to the district head's office.

She and other legendary athletes -- Yayuk Basuki, Pino Bahari, Maria Aibekob, and Franklin Burumi -- carried the flame in turns.

Along the way, the XX Papua PON Torch Relay entourage was warmly welcomed by the community. Drum bands from a number of schools and traditional Biak dance performances were organized along the route.

Naap also expressed his gratitude to the provincial government of Papua and PB PON for selecting Biak Numfor district as the representative of the Saereri Indigenous region in Papua province for the Torch Relay.

“We pray that Papua province will be victorious in the XX Papua PON. Hopefully, this torch flame will burn our spirit to continue to excel,” he added.

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