I am certain that the number of visitors will continue to rise in these six months
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has drawn almost 11 thousand visitors since being launched on October 1-5, 2021, Deputy Trade Minister Jerry Sambuaga stated.

"The visitors' enthusiasm is incredible. Prior to the Dubai Expo, we were actively involved in examining, monitoring, observing, and preparing for the event carefully," Sambuaga noted at the webinar "Dubai Expo 2020: Indonesian Display in the World Scene" here on Thursday.

Sambuaga remarked that with an area of almost two thousand square meters, the Indonesian Pavilion building was created with an attractive and grandiose design.

"The Indonesian Pavilion also displays our nation's character that is very diverse and plural with outstanding visualization guidelines," he expounded.

Sambuaga noted that with the booths and ornaments showcased, Indonesia's image, as a nation with potential and extraordinary assets, is quite apparent.

"In addition to crafts and culture, we emphasize and promote the industry like the super priority destinations," he stated.

The deputy trade minister remarked that the Indonesia Pavilion aims to not only showcase but also promote as well as provide comprehensive information that Indonesia has flagship products, including those manufactured by the country's micro, small and medium-scale enterprises (MSMEs).

According to Sambuaga, one particular showcase that was quite interesting to visitors was the unique Indonesian spice planted in a transparent box, so its texture and shape are apparent.

The showcase is for visitors to observe the potential of Indonesian spices, he noted.

Furthermore, Sambuaga is optimistic that with the six months' exhibition, the Indonesia Pavilion will increasingly draw the visitors' attention and prospective foreign buyers in seeing the business potential in Indonesia.

With the apparent business potential, prospective foreign buyers can bolster Indonesia's exports to various countries.

"I am certain that the number of visitors will continue to rise in these six months. It is a matter of pride because (the Indonesia Pavilion) can be at par with 191 other countries at the event," he affirmed.

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