The committee has done well.
Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA) - The implementation of the health protocols at the Harapan Village Aquatic Arena is going well, deputy head of the Health Protocol Task Force at the XX Papua National Sports Week (PON), Afrial Rosya, has said.

"There is a mask and vaccine booth outside the venue. We are distributing four thousand free masks in the Aquatic Arena today to ensure that all visitors who come adhere to health protocols," he told Antara at the Harapan Village Aquatic Arena, Jayapura district on Thursday.

In addition, both the audience and the organizing committee have consistently practiced social distancing, he noted.

Thus, the implementation of health protocols has been running optimally at the venue, he remarked.

"We have agreed to limit the audience to 25 percent of the maximum capacity of the venue. The committee has done well. The attempt must be done consistently to prevent any new COVID-19 case at the XX Papua PON," he emphasized.

The COVID-19 Task Force has been routinely inspecting every competition and arena in the four clusters of the national sporting event -- Jayapura city and district, Mimika district, as well as Merauke district.

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At the aquatic arena, the organizing committee has continued to use loudspeakers to remind visitors to obey the health protocols by wearing masks and keeping their distance.

The committee is ensuring spectators sit two seats apart by folding the two unused seats and marking them with crosses, he informed.

Furthermore, outside the arena, a number of officers have been deployed to socialize the health protocols to visitors, he said.

In addition, the spectators are required to bring a COVID-19 vaccine certificate, he added.

All these attempts are aimed at ensuring the safe and smooth implementation of Papua PON XX as well as preventing the national event from becoming a new COVID-19 cluster, Rosya said.

Moreover, a vaccine booth has been set up at the aquatic venue. One of the visitors, Akmal Fauzi, appreciated the committee’s attempts to curb the transmission of the virus.

"In the aquatic arena, the health protocol has been implemented well. There is an inspection at the entrance. While at the venue, the situation is in order as the spectators wear masks and keep their distance," he said.
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