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Minister envisions bright sports future for Papua following PON

Minister envisions bright sports future for Papua following PON

Sports and Youth Affairs Minister Zainudin Amali (second right) reviews the rowing area at the Youtefa Bay, Jayapura City, Friday, October 8, 2021. (ANTARA/Asep Firmansyah/rst)

Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA) - Sports and Youth Affairs Minister Zainudin Amali expressed firm belief that the future of sports in Papua will continue to advance after the XX National Games (PON) in Papua on account of the international standard facilities.

"I am optimistic that sporting achievements of Papua, with extraordinary facilities, will continue to advance and will definitely be able to produce talented young athletes," Minister Amali remarked after reviewing the rowing sports venue at Youtefa Bay on Friday.

While reviewing the rowing competition, the minister also observed the facilities and conversed with several athletes. Amali admitted to being impressed by the existing arena along with the exoticism of Youtefa Bay.

The minister is optimistic that the sports facilities been built will be used by the local government to boost sports achievements of local athletes after the PON comes to a close.

"The XX Papua PON is being held in extraordinary venues of international standard. I am optimistic that this would be used as well as possible by the provincial government and the people of Papua," he affirmed.

On the other hand, Minister Amali sees the promising future of the rowing sport, as was apparent from several talented rowing athletes that are eligible for national training.

"That is why I came to witness up-close the potential talent that is eligible to receive national training and also be part of our national team. I think we can expect a lot from young athletes competing in the PON," Amali remarked.

With a qualified talent pool and international-grade facilities, the minister believes that President Joko Widodo's aspirations of making Papua a sports province would be realized.

"Papua will be made a sports center. Hence, once again, I am optimistic that the progress in Papuan sports in the future will be better. Moreover, the president projects to make Papua a sports province with the existing equipment," he added.

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