Our PJLP (Individual Service Providers) use ropes like rock climbers. They have been trained
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Jakarta provincial government confirmed that its personnel had received training in rock climbing to remove heavy garbage, such as trees, lodged in floodgates or rivers during the rainy season.

"Our PJLP (Individual Service Providers) use ropes like rock climbers. They have been trained," Head of the Jakarta Environment Office Asep Kuswanto told the press after the preparation routine for the rainy season here on Tuesday.

Kuswanto remarked that the training had been conducted long before preparatory measures against flooding were undertaken.

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The Jakarta Environment Office has collaborated with the Fire and Rescue Mitigation Service (PKP) to train the members. The training was deemed necessary since different types of garbage often clogged water channels and floodgates during the rainy season, he explained.

Kuswanto noted that the garbage obstructing river flow can be large-sized tree trunks, cabinets, and mattresses. During the implementation, the trained personnel will use a rope to climb to access the garbage and use a woodcutter to hack it.

After being cut, the wood will be lifted and thrown into a garbage truck. Later, it will be taken to the Bantargebang Integrated Waste Treatment facility at Bekasi City, West Java.

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Kuswanto expressed optimism that the preparations would be useful in cleaning the floodgates during inundation in Jakarta.

Earlier, during the preparation routine, Kuswanto claimed to be ready to deploy 8,945 personnel of the city environment office, 1,534 units of garbage truck, 118 heavy equipment, 85 buses with toilet facilities, and other supporting equipment to handle flooding.

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The personnel and equipment are deployed at several floodgates and rivers throughout Jakarta.

"We are mainly located at floodgates, such as Manggarai, Karet, and Season City, so that we can pick up the garbage that flows into the river," he noted.

Apart from the main waterways, his team will also clean any garbage located in residential areas.

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