Jakarta (ANTARA) - Flash flooding continued to ravage Jakarta until 4 a.m. local time on Thursday, affecting residents in 40 neighborhood units (RTs), according to the metropolitan city's Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD).

The flooding, caused by downpour in Jakarta on Wednesday afternoon and the overflowing of several rivers in the city, also inundated five road sections, the agency's acting head Isnawa Adji stated here on Thursday.

The floodwaters, reached heights of between 35 and 175 centimeters, while several affected neighborhood units are located in the sub-districts of Kedoya Selatan, Kembangan Selatan, Pela Mampang, Pejaten Timur, and Ragunan.

He said the residents of three neighborhood areas in Kampung Melayu Sub-district continued to experience the inundation of floodwaters reaching 175 centimeters in height.

Heavy rainfall and the overflowing of Ciliwung River also triggered the inundation of flash floods, reaching 140-170 centimeters in height, in five neighborhood units in Cawang Sub-district, he added.

Apart from affecting 40 neighborhood units, the floodwaters also inundated a road section of Kemang Utara IX in South Jakarta as well as four road sections in East Jakarta: Mabes Hankam (Bambu Apus), Bogor Road KM 19 (Kramat Jati), Diklat Depsos (Rambutan), and Pagelarang (Setu).

The flooding also forced 24 residents of the Kebagusan neighborhood area to move to a public facility, and 10 residents of Kampung Melayu to take refuge at a mosque, while several displaced residents of Cilandak Timur had reportedly returned home, he added.

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ANTARA reported earlier that flash flooding had ravaged several areas of Jakarta since February.

To handle flooding, Dedi Supriadi, a member of the Jakarta legislative body's Commission D overseeing development, suggested that North and East Jakarta need more water pump houses.

He remarked that the two regions remain vulnerable to inundation during high-intensity rainfall, and providing more water pump houses would help accelerate efforts to drain floodwaters.

"We cannot imagine the traffic jams caused by the flooded road sections," Supriadi stated.

According to the Jakarta provincial government's data, as disclosed on dsda.jakarta.go.id, the metropolitan city has 202 water pump stations.

Some 47 of the pumps are located in West Jakarta, while 48 are in South Jakarta, 28 in Central Jakarta, 26 in East Jakarta, and 52 in North Jakarta. Another pump is used for handling tidal flooding.

On February 29, acting Jakarta Governor Heru Budi Hartono inspected the Sentiong water pump house in Ancol, North Jakarta, following flooding in several parts of the metropolitan city.

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