RI gears up to drive economic recovery through Pacific Exposition

RI gears up to drive economic recovery through Pacific Exposition

The 2021 Pacific Exposition will be held virtually on October 27-30, 2021. A total of 18 countries have confirmed to participate the in the event expected to help boost the economic recovery affected by the pandemic. (Kemenlu)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia is all set to help boost economic recovery by virtually organizing the 2021 Pacific Exposition on October 27-30, 2021, according to Indonesian Ambassador to New Zealand Tantowi Yahya.

The theme of such an event “It’s Time for Pacific” mirrors the optimism of countries in the region that are deemed to have been successful in handling the pandemic, Yahya noted during the media gathering of the Pacific Exposition 2 held online here on Wednesday.

“We are ready to recover the economy earlier and become the machine of economic growth,” he highlighted.

Nations in the Pacific region are known as COVID-free countries since there are almost no confirmed cases.

“They are consequent and consistent in enforcing lockdowns,” he affirmed.

Consequently, the countries are COVID-free, but their economy slumped, especially those relying on tourism sectors, Yahya noted.

Hence, the ambassador expressed hope that the 2021 Pacific Exposition would help recover economies hit hard by the pandemic.

A total of 18 countries have confirmed their participation in the 2021 Pacific Exposition, comprising Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Nauru, New Caledonia, Samoa, Timor Leste, Palau, Tuvalu, Niue, Solomon Islands, Tonga, French Polynesia, Kiribati, and Guam.

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Meanwhile, the six provinces of Maluku, North Maluku, Papua, West Papua, East Nusa Tenggara, and North Sulawesi in Eastern Indonesia will be involved in such an event.

Some 312 enterprises from the participating countries will conduct activities in 200 virtual booths. As many as 11 companies are from Australia, six from Cook Islands, 15 from Fiji, 28 from New Caledonia, 7 from Papua New Guinea, 4 from French Polynesia, 3 from Timor Leste, 1 from Tonga, and 1 from Samoa.

“The 2021 Pacific Exposition is Indonesia’s economic diplomacy breakthrough that exhibits the trade, tourism, and investment sectors comprehensively by incorporating business matching and forums,” Yahya expounded.

The event serves as a market to showcase the goods and services of all countries and territories in the Pacific region, he affirmed.

“This forum will integrate the Eastern Indonesia region into the Pacific and strengthen our Pacific identity,” he remarked.

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