Jakarta (ANTARA) - GoFood Partners Community (KOMPAG) celebrated its second anniversary this month. With over 107,000 members in 70 cities across the country, KOMPAG is currently the largest food micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) community. With that in mind, KOMPAG took this opportunity to reaffirm its commitment in supporting MSMEs to grow.

Gojek Group Chief Food Officer Catherine Hindra Sutjahyo said, “Although food MSMEs have successfully pivoted to online platforms, they still face challenges in ensuring business sustainability. In the past years, we learned that educational support and capacity building in KOMPAG were crucial for MSMEs as it provided them the opportunity to improve their skills, allowing them to compete in the midst of increasing fierce competition.”

Catherine explained that through GoFood and KOMPAG, the company consistently pushed innovation based on data and partner learnings.

“When a new merchant joins GoFood, not many of them are aware that they have to showcase attractive photos and write descriptive appetizing information in the menu to attract customers. These are the information we share in KOMPAG,” said Catherine.

Realizing the gaps of knowledge in new merchants, KOMPAG is set to add more innovations in 2022, namely Mentorship and Segmented Training programs as well as Resources for Business Growth.

The former was designed to share insights to food entrepreneurs through weekly workshops called Live NGOPI (Ngobrol Pintar) featuring GoFood mentors. In addition to weekly workshops, KOMPAG members can also join an exclusive mentorship program to sharpen their skills.

As for the Resources for Business Growth, besides getting information from the weekly programs, MSMEs partners will also independently access various business tips on the GoBiz application in the BizTips menu.

In addition to supporting MSME partners with necessary skills, GoFood will also continue to develop a business model that provides more holistic support. “As we apply a partnership model, of course, there is a commission fee. Nevertheless, this system is designed to support our partners. To assist them in growing their business, we now offer promotion packages with certain schemes, such as a co-subsidy for a certain amount of customer’s social spending. As an added value, we also offer the advertisement package on GoFood or social media for additional exposure. We created this scheme based on GoFood's learning, and merchants can choose according to their abilities," added Catherine.

Thanks to holistic support, GoFood has seen an increase in weekly and monthly transactions, with an average monthly income of culinary MSME partners who joined during the pandemic until now (Q2 2020 - Q3 2021) have increased by seven times.

"The impact of COVID-19 pandemic is inevitable, which has led many people to lose their jobs. In these trying times, a home-based food business appears as one of the solutions for them to get income,” said Catherine, “During this pandemic, we saw 250,000 new partners joining GoFood. Currently, there are almost 1 million GoFood partners and 99% of them are MSMEs.”

Nia Niscaya, deputy for marketing of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, said that they recognized GoFood’s eagerness in supporting MSMEs to grow, “We believe the innovations presented by GoFood will be able to open more job opportunities in the creative economy industry, where the culinary business sector is the biggest player.”

Moreover, Nia also expressed her hopes for KOMPAG’s support to be continuously expanded and the community could be a positive platform to accommodate food entrepreneurs’ various needs, including as a source of information for the cleanliness, health, safety and environment (CHSE) protocols.

KOMPAG is open to all GoFood business partners. To join, GoFood partners can fill in the registration form on the GoFood Partner Community (KOMPAG) Facebook, which can be accessed via the bit.ly/KOMPAGFB link.

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