Jakarta (ANTARA) - Kashmir was the most densely militarized zone, with around one million Indian occupation forces, Pakistan Ambassador to Indonesia, Muhammad Hassan, stated.

"Kashmir was the most densely militarized zone, with around one million Indian occupation forces perpetrating worst human rights abuses against the Kashmiris," Ambassador Muhammad Hassan noted in a statement received in Jakarta, Thursday.

Hassan conveyed the statement during a webinar titled: "Kashmir Geopolitics and The Threat to Global Peace" on October 27, 2021.

Hassan highlighted that in India, extremist organizations, such as the RSS, had been openly threatening to use nuclear weapons against Pakistan.

He pointed out that thousands of Kashmiri people had been illegally arrested and several had been transferred to jails in New Delhi and other parts of India.

Even the dead were not spared the Indian atrocities, as their families were not allowed proper burials. There was a real threat to peace in the region, he emphasized.

The ambassador further stated that in the wake of a nuclear threat, it was essential to resolve the issue of Kashmir before the situation spiraled out of control.

"Pakistan has been informing the international community that if it did not intervene or activate a political and diplomatic process, then there would be a real danger of a catastrophic war in the region," he remarked.

Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai stated that the Kashmir issue was very important not only because it concerned 23 million people of Kashmir but because it impacted the fate and future of over 1.5 million people of South Asia.

He remarked that Kashmiris were respectful of the international rule-based order as was proved by the fact that they repeatedly submitted petitions to the UN to play its role.

Fai drew attention to the UN's role in East Timur and stated that Kashmiris were waiting for the UN to play such an active role in the dispute. He referred to the interest of US Presidents Karry Truman and J.F. Kennedy in resolving the dispute.

Moreover, President Barack Obama had stated that the resolution of the issue of Jammu and Kashmir was in the interests of both Pakistan and India.

He urged the international community to play its role in resolving the dispute in accordance with the UNSC resolutions.

Other speakers also discussed the issue of human rights abuses, role of the UN and other big powers, and the urgency of resolving the issue of Jammu and Kashmir due to the nuclear factor.

Denouncing human rights violation in Kashmir, the speakers affirmed that Kashmir had become the Islamophobia center of India. They urged India to allow international human rights organization to visit Kashmir.

To observe Kashmir Black Day, the Mission held a webinar titled: "Kashmir Geopolitics and The Threat to Global Peace" on October 27, 2021.

The webinar was organized in collaboration with reputed universities and organizations from various parts of Indonesia. The speakers included rectors and professors of leading Indonesian universities and intellectuals.

The webinar was also attended by 232 academics, scholars, intellectuals, researchers, members of political and religious organizations, and students.

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Translator: Azis Kurmala
Editor: Sri Haryati
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