Jakarta (ANTARA) - Immunity against COVID-19 can be boosted by consuming a wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Indonesian Allergy and Immunology Association's Chairman, Prof. Iris Rengganis, stated.

"Fresh vegetables and fruits offer protection if we get infected. People can boost their immune system by eating them every day," Rengganis remarked during an ANTARA talk show "Nurturing Immunity Post-COVID-19 Vaccination" here on Friday.

According to the chairman, vegetables, such as broccoli, are rich in vitamins A, C, and E. Other alternatives, such as spinach, turmeric, and garlic, which are high in antioxidants, can be part of a healthy diet.

Rengganis also recommended incorporating seafood as part of a nutritious menu since it is rich in omega 3. The association's chairman believes it should be followed by consuming fruits that contain vitamins and minerals.

"If we are not sure (about what) we can regularly eat, then we can opt for multivitamins, minerals, and other immunity boosters," he remarked.

Immunity boosters can be more beneficial when supported by regular exercise and good stress management, he emphasized.

"The current conditions have triggered immense stress among people. (I suggest to) rest enough and not stay up late. Sometimes, we are on our mobile phones until late at night, although we have to wake up for work," he noted.

Rengganis then invited people to abandon habits that can ruin their health, such as smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages.

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He pointed out that a healthy immune system can ward off the entry of viruses and others into the body.

Body cells that are part of the immune system can function together in identifying objectionable entities and stimulating the B lymphocytes to produce antibodies.

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