Jakarta (ANTARA) - Hair loss can be experienced three to six months after a person has recovered from COVID-19, according to Dr Alexandra Clarin Hayes at the Faculty of Medicine of Diponegoro University.

"Hair loss can last three to six months after being declared as having recovered. The condition is called residual symptoms," Hayes said as quoted from the Dear Doctor Program produced at the Media Center of KPC-PEN (Committee on COVID-19 Handling and National Economic Recovery) here on Thursday.

The doctor explained that hair fall was triggered by various factors, such as brittle hair and high hair cell turnover.

Hair cell turnover, or sudden hair loss, is usually influenced by hormonal changes in the body, consumption of drugs, and high stress levels, she noted.

Hayes noted that in addition to hair loss, the tendency of disturbed sleep patterns, irregular eating, and nutrient intake deficits during illness can also occur.

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After recovering from COVID-19, survivors may often feel anxious due to economic impacts during the pandemic or hearing certain news that eventually makes them stressed, she added.

According to Hayes, this anxiety is a stress factor that can cause hair loss.

Hair loss can be reduced by managing stress, such as by doing breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga.

She pointed out that people should use hair care products that suit the specific hair characteristics to strengthen them physically to reduce hair loss.

COVID-19, which attacks the respiratory system, is also known to cause several other problems, such as hair loss, even after the patient has been cured, according to Hayes.

A survey from the Facebook group "Survivor Corps" that involved 1,700 respondents showed more than a third of people experienced hair loss after surviving COVID-19.

A nutritionist from India, Rujuta Diwekar, has advised COVID-19 survivors with complaints of hair loss to stop feeling restless and angry, looking for invalid information on the internet.

Diwekar, as quoted from the Indian Express, urged them not to skip breakfast, eliminate rice from their diet, and sleep late at night.
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