Jakarta (ANTARA) - As the world is reeling from global supply crunches, we unearthed that computer chips are in short supply, fossil fuels are depleting, and proficient digital talents are becoming rare.

The prolonged global pandemic suddenly shifted digital transformation to high-speed gears and make digital talent cultivation a matter of immediate and urgent necessity. As a global ICT solutions provider, Huawei is on a mission to reverse a trend, teaming up with key stakeholders across the digital ecosystem. Huawei Indonesia has always upheld the "I Do Contribute" commitment to strive for cultivating 100,000 Indonesian digital talents for five years to build a solid foundation for future-ready human capital.

During a recent initiative at the Digital Talent Summit 2021 hosted by Huawei and ASEAN Foundation, Huawei recorded another historic milestone to pool together insights and ideas from policymakers, academics, researchers, and industry players on ways to lay out strategic high grounds in narrowing the digital talent gap.

The MoU signed by Huawei ASEAN Academy and ASEAN Foundation on joint efforts to build digital capacities of youth highlights the readiness to implement ASEAN Seeds for the Future, which is a scaled-up version of Huawei’s global CSR flagship initiative Seeds for the Future that has been providing world-class digital skills training for youngsters across the globe since 2008.

The agreement also epitomizes the high spirit of collaboration to echo a high recognition from General TNI (Ret) Dr Moeldoko, Chief of the Presidential Staff of the Republic of Indonesia, who lauded by saying that “this summit is an example of good practices on how cross-country, cross-governmental collaboration also engages global ICT leader Huawei, in order to meet the needs of savvy industry 4.0.”

In light of this, Huawei does share a strong view by Gen. Moeldoko that no vision is too grand to achieve with collaboration, as the government of Indonesia has set a goal to prepare 600 thousand digital talents every year, leading the nation in taking the digital leap towards a brighter future. Indeed, cultivating an innovative digital talent ecosystem is fundamental to sustainable digital transformation and leaping forward.

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Closing the gap together

At Huawei, we believe ‘togetherness’ is the only way to get anything done. The same philosophy also applies to narrowing the talent gap.

This spirit to extend our collaboration across ecosystems, which we term the multiple-helix synergy, is the underlying principle behind our wide-scale digital upskilling program, in close collaborations with fellow stakeholders, partners, and friends from the government, industry, academia, communities, and media.

The Coordinating Ministry of Maritime and Investment Affairs, Ministry of Education, Culture, and Research and Technology, the Executive Office of the President (KSP), National Agency for Research and Innovation (BRIN), the Cyber and Cryptography Agency (BSSN), and dozens of universities, vocational schools, and institutions are just some of the names working closely along with Huawei for developing their ICT talents.

In addition, as part of the Huawei ICT Academy – the company's flagship talent development initiative – a handful of digital talent programs are being held. After recently completing the Huawei National ICT Talent Competition that involved over than 1,100 students from 24 renowned universities in Indonesia, Huawei is set to kick start another flagship, the Seeds for the Future program, on November 8-15 to bring together Indonesia’s best young talents to acquire skills in frontier technologies, broaden horizons in ICT knowledge, and give them access to an international network of the Huawei Seeds alumni program in 500 universities in 130 countries worldwide.

Furthermore, the two facilities launched in Indonesia this year, the Huawei ASEAN Academy Engineering Institute Jakarta and the Huawei Innovation Center, are reflective of its commitment.

The Huawei ASEAN Academy Engineering Institute, Jakarta, is currently the most complete educational facility of its kind in Asia Pacific. Here, over 100 trainers, more than three thousand training courses, and over 100 mirroring environments equipped with laboratories, classrooms, training rooms, and other facilities, such as dedicated places to learn equipment installation and fieldwork, are available.

Meanwhile, the Huawei Innovation Center is an educational facility prepared by Huawei Indonesia for the purpose of knowledge-sharing. Use cases and examples of innovations made possible by digital technologies, such as 5G, cloud, AI, machine learning, and more, are displayed on the Huawei IdeaHub smartboard.

Both Huawei ASEAN Academy Engineering Institute in Jakarta and Huawei Innovation Center are open to researchers, academics, trainers, and students keen on learning more about state-of-the-art technologies, such as 5G, AI, machine learning, IoT, as well as how these solutions are being adopted by various sectors. Hopes are pinned high on these two facilities inspiring even more Indonesians to broaden their horizons and expand their skill sets while offering creative freedom to help move Indonesia forward.

What’s next for Indonesia?

In Indonesia, government projects in the country will need at least nine million digital talents by 2030.

It sounds like a huge number, but when one considers that Indonesia has over 270 million citizens, then the required figure constitutes merely three percent of the population. It is the bare minimum that has to be achieved in order to push the country’s massive digital transformation. With the added advantage of the demographic bonus and massive internet boom, we believe there is no better time to invest in digital talents than now.

As a global thought leader, Huawei remains committed not only to providing state-of-the-art and the most advanced ICT solutions but also towards talent development in Indonesia and beyond, in particular, to help create comprehensive digital transformation as part of the goal of making Indonesia the world's No. 7 economic powerhouse by 2030 and No. 5 by 2045 when it celebrates the Golden Indonesia by 2045.

We truly believe Indonesia has the potential to get there, and all it takes is a little push.

Equipping the nation with both talent and technology is Huawei’s dream to accompany Indonesia along every step of the way.

*Jacky Chen is the CEO of Huawei Indonesia
The views and opinions expressed on this page are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the ANTARA News Agency.

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