The cause of our problem is the climate crisis, ozone and carbon deprivation, land use change, human resource exclusion, and problem of forest and peatland fires
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian energy company PT Pertamina (Persero) echoed its commitment to achieving environmental sustainability through collaboration with the community.

"Pertamina has forged some collaboration action for the nation. This collaboration is one of Pertamina's commitments to sustainability," Vice President of Process and Facility of PT Pertamina (Persero) stated during a talk show at the Indonesia Pavilion on the sidelines of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland, on Monday (local time).

On the occasion, Didik conveyed that Pertamina had adhered to sustainability practices based on various international standards and had also improved its rating on the sustainability achievement rate.

"In 2015, leaders around the world made a statement that was called 'collaboration action'. It states that the lives of millions of people are going to get better, with no one left behind, over the next years. That purpose has also escalated into a plan called sustainable development goals, or SDGs, with nations around the world taking part in it, and so do we," he affirmed.

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"Kilang Pertamina International, as a representative of the private sector, also takes part in the action to fulfill these promises," Didik noted while referring to the achievement of sustainable development goals.

Didik remarked that Pertamina had made some efforts to environmental sustainability through its community development programs, one of which is on peatland protection and management program called "Kampung Gambut Berdikari" (Independent Peat Village).

Didik explained that Kampung Gambut Berdikari was Pertamina's community development program aimed at encouraging people living in the peatland area to become independent and resilient in facing future disasters.

"The cause of our problem is the climate crisis, ozone and carbon deprivation, land use change, human resource exclusion, and problem of forest and peatland fires," he pointed out.

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"The problem of forest and peat land fires has caused environmental damage and water scarcity, health problems mostly respiratory issues, income source problem, and on top of that is the collapse of the social system," he remarked.

To fulfill its commitment to sustainability, Didik noted that Pertamina had contributed to mitigating those problems on sustainability.

One of the efforts that was and is still being made by Pertamina is forest and land fire mitigation based on the community.

Moreover, Pertamina has implemented its sustainability program by combining it with the social entrepreneurship program, such as through the development of integrated pineapple agriculture.

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"For the integrated pineapple agriculture program, the main activity is to utilize abundant land to prevent forest fire by increasing the area of pineapple planting up to 30 hectares in 2021. The benefit (for the people) comes from the sale of the pineapple fruits cultivated and the processed products, such as syrup and sweets," Didik expounded.

Didik also drew attention to other social entrepreneurship programs implemented by the company, such as catfish cultivation, mushroom cultivation, and peat Arboretum eco-tourism.

Furthermore, in dealing with water scarcity, Pertamina has conducted peat water conservation in order to provide access to clean water for the communities.

"Our first target is to treat peat water to meet the quality standards for household needs, and second, is to produce peat water that can be used for public consumption," Didik stated.

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In term of education, Pertamina has run a program called the School of Cinta Gambut (peat loving school) that focuses on encouraging environment-friendly education since an early age by incorporating the element of peat conservation materials into the learning curriculum.

"We also conducted some field practices to raise the students' awareness to protect the environment through some outbound activities and firefighting training for students," he noted.

"Our achievement for this one is that the program has been replicated in 30 schools in three sub-districts of Bengkalis Regency," he stated.

Pertamina's sustainability strategy has been translated into 10 environmental social and governance (ESG) Focuses, each of which is aligned with sustainable development goals (SDGs) and has a primary target.

Those 10 ESG Focuses are addressing climate change; reducing the environmental footprint; protecting biodiversity, health, and safety; preventing major accidents; employee recruiting, development, and retention; innovation and research; community engagement and impact; cybersecurity; and corporate ethics.

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