Jakarta (ANTARA) - Historian and founder of the history enthusiasts' community Indonesia Historia Community (KHI) Asep Kambali highlighted that Indonesian heroes had utilised diverse channels over and above taking up arms to fight for the nation.

"Heroes did not necessarily take up arms. Some, such as Ismail Marzuki, composed patriotic songs, while some others, such as Kartini, fight through eye-opening letters; some heroes, such as Abdul Muis, fight by creating literature works; and others, such as MH Thamrin, utilise their oratory skills in assembly," he told ANTARA on Wednesday.

By drawing attention to the heroes, who fought in their respective expertise, the historian expressed hope that those heroes would evoke the youth to contribute to the nation in their fields of expertise.

"Then fight in your fields of expertise and contribute for this nation, as your best product or works would be remembered by future generations," Kambali emphasized.

The youth can contribute to motivating the public by disseminating positive information that arouses a sense of nationalism and pride for the nation and drives people to remember history and toil for Indonesia, he noted.

While deeming it important to learn values from historical events, Kambali reminded that creating history is prime, as future generations could then remember and continue their fight.

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"Minangkabau is renowned for its rendang, while Bali is known for its betutu chicken, but those two are creations of the past. What we should do right now is to create a new (page in) history, a new culture that will be carried forward by future generations that will remember us as the generation of inventors, of fighters," the historian remarked.

Kambali encouraged the Indonesian youth to become part of the solution to the nation's issues akin to a piece that completes the entire jigsaw puzzle.

"Indonesia has completed as though puzzle pieces that are placed together for solving the nation's issues. However, if the youth contribute only as a problematic puzzle piece that fits nowhere, then that would not be good. To contribute to the nation, I encourage the youth to establish communities within their fields of interest or expertise," he emphasized.

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Translator: Suci Nurhaliza, Nabil Ihsan
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