Jakarta (ANTARA) - House of Representatives (DPR) Speaker Puan Maharani has called on state-owned oil and gas corporation PT Pertamina (Persero) to immediately audit the security system at the company's oil refineries.

Maharani pressed to take this step in the wake of fire incidents reported at Pertamina's refineries.

"Frequent fires at Pertamina's oil refineries need an in-depth evaluation. There must be an audit of the security system at Pertamina's oil refineries to find the root-cause of the problem, so that it can be promptly solved," the House speaker noted in her statement on Monday.

Maharani drew attention to three incidents of fire in Pertamina's refineries in just a year's time, such as the fire at an oil refinery in Balongan, Indramayu, West Java, on March 29, 2021, which took up to two days to extinguish.

Thereafter, on June 11, 2021, a fire erupted in Pertamina's oil refinery tank area in Cilacap.

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Recently, a fire broke out at Pertamina's Cilacap oil refinery on Saturday, precisely at the Refinery Unit (RU) IV Tank 36T-102 that contained 31 thousand kiloliters of Pertalite components.

The House speaker called for Pertamina's unwavering commitment to streamlining its oil refinery security system in order to maintain the company's performance.

Maharani expressed gratitude that no fatalities were reported in the fire that broke out in the oil refinery in Cilacap. However, she emphasized that Pertamina should ensure the safety and security of the people around the refinery, including its workers.

"Pertamina's security system must prioritize the safety of workers in the refinery environment and the people living around it. Ensure risk management is conducted as well as possible," she stressed.

According to Maharani, Pertamina should also be able to offer an explanation to the public on the reasons behind the fires often occurring at its oil refinery locations, as it had triggered concerns and various speculations among the people.

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