Jakarta (ANTARA) - Chair of the working committee for the Sexual Violence Eradication Bill of the House of Representatives (DPR RI), Willy Aditya, has expressed the hope of parliamentary caucuses reaching an agreement on the bill soon.

"I determined the bill could be finalized as a DPR-initiated bill soon as common understanding and consensus regarding contents of the bill has been developed among parliamentary factions," Aditya said in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Deliberations on the bill have entered a new stage as the parliamentary caucuses have concluded drafting the bill with clauses acceptable to all after intense debates among members of the working committee, he added.

The draft bill includes clauses that would ensure protection for sexual violence victims and elucidate sexual violence prevention measures, the parliament member informed.

"The bill will focus on sexual violence victims. The victims would be assured not only their personal protection but also proper case investigation and handling, as well as recovery treatment," he said.

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Despite several points of the bill remaining a bone of contention among different party factions, Aditya said he believes a compromise would be reached soon, particularly as the framework for the bill was agreed upon earlier and is ready to be finalized.

Once it is ratified by the parliament, the Sexual Violence Eradication Bill will provide a firm legal basis for the investigation of sexual violence cases, Aditya affirmed.

The working committee has also agreed to include clauses regarding the prevention of sexual violence against children and people with disabilities in the bill, he informed. A recent proposal to include clauses regarding sexual violence on the digital medium has also been received by the committee, he added.

The working committee will reconvene on Wednesday (November 17, 2021) and is expected to finalize the bill before sending it to the plenary session.

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