How can we go digital if we do not receive any help from the government. It can be done through JakWifi which is very beneficial for the people and community
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Member of the Jakarta legislative body (DPRD) Wibi Andrino has called for expanding the JakWifi network to facilitate the provision of a more optimal internet service to the public.

JakWifi is a program unveiled by the Jakarta provincial government that aims to provide free internet services at thousands of locations across the capital city.

"How can we go digital if we do not receive any help from the government? It can be done through JakWifi that is very beneficial for the people and community," Andrino said in a statement received here Wednesday.

"Hence, we want the JakWifi network to be refined and expanded more, so that disturbances, such as obstructed signals, would no longer occur," he remarked.

Although JakWifi is utilized for purposes related to the economy and education, parents should be careful and monitor how their children use it, he affirmed.

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However, the government should also filter content, such as those containing elements of pornography and radicalism, that could be accessed through JakWifi, according to Andrino.

This step will ensure that JakWifi is strictly used for educational and entrepreneurial purposes.

Head of the Kramat Pela Neighborhood/Community Unit (RT 014/RW 09), Saiful Hikmat, expressed optimism that the internet access network would be expanded to proffer benefits to all citizens.

Hikmat noted that JakWifi had facilitated the learning process for students at home. Moreover, most residents also utilized the JakWifi network to market their products.

Official from the South Jakarta Communication, Informatics, and Statistics R. Fauzy stated that Jakarta's residents should be glad to partake in the digital transformation process currently underway in the capital city.

Fauzy noted that his group was currently seeking a solution, so that JakWifi could be distributed broadly.

"We are placing JakWifi in public areas, a place where people gather. However, when it comes to homes and rooms, the connection is lost due to the presence of walls," he explained.

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