Batusangkar, W Sumatra (ANTARA) - The Tanah Datar district government, West Sumatra, has reopened the Toko Tani Indonesia Center (TTIC) to maintain price stability in the market, an official said.

"The TTIC reopening is very helpful for price stability in Tanah Datar, as well as for farmers who usually have problems with deflation," Tanah Datar district head Eka Putra said in Batusangkar on Friday.

The presence of TTIC is also aimed at controlling regional inflation and improving the community's economy because the food sold there is supplied by business players, distributors, and directly purchased from farmers where food can be sold at a cheaper price, he informed.

TTIC is very beneficial for farmers because it facilitates farmers who get disconcerted dealing with middle agents and price fluctuations, he said.

TTIC is also a place for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the Tanah Datar region to market their products, he added.

"In this pandemic, the community's economy has weakened, but Insya Allah (God willing), it will improve in 2022. We hope that all Regional Governmental Apparatus Organizations (OPD) support this," he remarked.

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He also lauded the West Sumatra provincial government for supporting the activity so it can operate every week.

"We will prepare the capital through the Food Office so this can run weekly. We expect that the provincial government can provide us assistance in the form of transportation," he added.

Meanwhile, head of the Regional Acting Technical Unit (UPTD) of the Food Supply Distributor of the West Sumatra Food Office, Amalia, said the TTIC is one of the innovations by the Food Office and its function is to maintain market price stability.

She further said her team is ready to help if the Tanah Datar district government needs an operational vehicle for the implementation of TTIC.

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