Statistics Indonesia to conduct long-form population census in 2022

Statistics Indonesia to conduct long-form population census in 2022

Statistics Indonesia head Margo Yuwono at a media workshop event in Jakarta on Thursday (November 25, 2021). (ANTARA/Agatha Olivia)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Statistics Indonesia (BPS) has confirmed it is planning to proceed with a long-form population census targeted at 4.3 million household samples in 2022.

"Because of the large population sample on this census, we estimate the census would take place on the district/city level," Statistics Indonesia head Margo Yuwono said at a media workshop event in Jakarta on Thursday.

The BPS has decided that the computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI) system would be utilized to gather data in 246 cities and districts, while the pencil and paper interviewing (PAPI) system will be implemented in another 268 cities and districts, he informed.

The long-form census will have more detailed variables compared with the decennial national census performed in 2020, he added.

Population characteristics, migration trends, education and communication, disability, employment, fertility, mortality, and housing will be the population features covered during the canvassing process, Yuwono elaborated.

"The long-form questionnaire consists of parameters on demography and population characteristics that are expected to reveal the population indicator of the SDGs (sustainable development goals) and the national middle-term development planning (RPJMN)," the BPS head said.

The questionnaire comprises 83 questions on the demographic parameter, 18 questions on the SDGs and RPJMN indicator on migration and mobility, 4 questions on education and communication, and 5 questions on employment, he disclosed.

The long-form census aims to determine the total number, distribution, and composition of the Indonesian population and provide the necessary data to determine the demographic parameters on birth, death, and migration rates, Yuwono said.

The long-form census preparation will start in January–April 2022, with the canvassing scheduled in May–June 2022 and the data collection and evaluation process in July–November 2022, he informed.

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