Toshiba releases high peak output current photocouplers in thin packages for driving IGBTs/MOSFETs gates

Toshiba releases high peak output current photocouplers in thin packages for driving IGBTs/MOSFETs gates

Toshiba: High peak output current photocouplers in thin packages for driving IGBTs/MOSFETs gates. ANTARA/Business Wire

Kawasaki, Japan--(ANTARA/Business Wire)- Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has introduced two photocouplers, “TLP5705H” and “TLP5702H,” housed in a thin SO6L package, for use as insulated gate drivers for small to medium capacity IGBTs/MOSFETs. Volume shipments start today.

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TLP5705H is Toshiba’s first product to deliver a peak output current rating of ±5.0A in a thin package (SO6L) only 2.3mm (max) high. As a result, devices such as small to medium capacity inverters and servo amplifiers that use a buffer circuit for current amplification can now drive their IGBTs/MOSFETs directly from the photocoupler, without any need of the buffer circuit. This will contribute to parts reduction and set miniaturisation.

TLP5702H has a peak output current rating of ±2.5A. An SO6L package that can be mounted on the land pattern of Toshiba’s conventional SDIP6 package[1], facilitating easy replacement of Toshiba’s current products[2]. The SO6L is thinner than SDIP6, which brings greater flexibility to component layouts on boards, and also allows it to be mounted on the back of a board or used where new circuit design imposes limits on available height.

Both photocouplers have a maximum operating temperature rating of 125ºC (Ta=-40 to 125ºC), making it easier to design and maintain temperature margins.

Toshiba’s line-up also includes TLP5702H(LF4) and TLP5705H(LF4), housed in an SO6L(LF4) package as a lead-forming option.

[1] Package height: 4.25mm (max)
[2] Current products: TLP700H in SDIP6 package


Industrial equipment

 • Industrial inverters, AC servo drives, PV inverters, UPS, etc.


 • High peak output current rating (@Ta=-40 to 125°C)
   IOP=±2.5A (TLP5702H)
   IOP=±5.0A (TLP5705H)
 • Thin SO6L package
 • High operating temperature rating: Topr (max)=125°C

Main Specifications
 (Unless otherwise specified, @Ta=-40 to 125°C)
Part number TLP5702H
TLP5702H(LF4) TLP5705H(LF4)
Package Name SO6L SO6L(LF4)
 Size (mm) 10×3.84 (typ.),
t: 2.3 (max) 11.05×3.84 (typ.),
t: 2.3 (max)
Absolute maximum ratings Operating temperature Topr (°C) -40 to 125
 Peak output current IOPH/IOPL (A) ±2.5 ±5.0 ±2.5 ±5.0
Electrical characteristics Peak high-level output current
IOPH max (A) @IF=5mA,
V6-5=-7V -2.0
 Peak low-level output current
IOPL min (A) @IF=0mA,
V5-4=7V 2.0
 Peak high-level output current (L/H)
IOLH max (A) @IF=0→10mA,
CVDD=10μF - -3.5 - -3.5
 Peak low-level output current (H/L)
IOHL min (A) @IF=10→0mA,
CVDD=10μF - 3.0 - 3.0
 Supply voltage VCC (V) 15 to 30
 Supply current ICCH, ICCL max (mA) 3.0
 Threshold input current (L/H)
IFLH max (mA) 5
Switching characteristics Propagation delay time
tpHL, tpLH max (ns) 200
 Pulse width distortion
|tpHL–tpLH| max (ns) 50
 Propagation delay skew
(device to device)
tpsk (ns) -80 to 80
transient immunity
CMH, CML min (kV/μs) @Ta=25°C ±50
Isolation characteristics Isolation voltage
BVS min (Vrms) @Ta=25°C 5000
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