Indonesia, Spain's constitutional courts agree to exchange information

Indonesia, Spain's constitutional courts agree to exchange information

A screenshot of Chief Justice Anwar Usman during a court hearing in Jakarta. (ANTARA/Muhammad Zulfikar/KT).

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Constitutional Court (MK) has said it is cooperating with Spain's Constitutional Court (Tribunal Constitucional) on the exchange of information on Constitutional law and other subjects.

"This memorandum of understanding (MoU) is a joint response to a global life that is open for information," Chief Justice of MK, Anwar Usman, remarked here on Friday. An open information exchange clears obstacles to interaction, he said.

The cooperation between the two law institutions will cover the exchange of verdicts, institutional capacity building, professional courses, joint research, and the holding of conferences at the international level, he informed.

Then, the MoU will last for five years from the date of its signing and can be extended for another five years, he said.

Usman emphasized that exchanging information and experiences is a common activity that helps the courts keep up with rapid global developments.

"In particular, there are some similarities between Indonesian MK and the Spanish Constitutional Court," he added.

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Furthermore, Indonesia and Spain are strategic partners who share their main visions in terms of law enforcement, democracy, and human rights, he highlighted.

A state's integrity is the glue and the main aspect for realizing a prosperous country, he remarked.

He then recalled the Spanish Court's anti-secessionist role in maintaining the country's unity in the case of the Catalonia province, saying it will be a lesson studied in depth by MK.

"MK is not only the guardian of the Constitution but also the protector of the state's integrity by maintaining the integrity of Indonesia," he explained.

Meanwhile, the President of the Constitutional Court of Spain, Pedro Jose Gonzales Trevijano Sanchez, said that the cooperation with MK was an honor for the Spanish Court because MK has a great reputation not only in Asia but the world. 

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